weaning to solids : 11-12 months : RECIPE LIST

This was the time I had to start blogging because I kept making up new dishes to perk up Arianna's interest. She gets bored with the same food.

I started blogging in Vox (you can reach it by clicking ARCHIVES top right). The pictures and words are there. I only managed to import the text (without the pics) over to Blogspot.

These are her food, cooked to her tastebud:
When did I move over to Blogspot? It was in February I think, but I've moved all my posts with pictures January onwards. Since I've now compiled the list for easy clicking (for myself, for my readers, for my followers)... I think I should edit the links... ada gambar baru best kan?


2 Response to "weaning to solids : 11-12 months : RECIPE LIST"

  1. Hanz Says:

    Chef-Mama a.k.a. Doc Hanim, I salute u..

    Did u jot down everytime u try new food to Arianna? I care less to list it out for my baby anyway, it's only like about 5-6 ingredients rotating or mixed-up with the main ingredient which is rice or oat.

  2. Hanim Says:

    No need to jot down, just blog it :p
    No need to waste paper, so I just typed it.

    Had to do it, Hanz. At least if she likes the food, I have it written down somewhere. I couldn't memorise all. I think I'm getting old.

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