weekday dishes

Savoury Meat with Rice
1 clove of garlic - diced to very small pieces
2 oz meat - minced
3 oz mixed vegetables
4 oz rice - cooked
olive oil
Heat olive oil, and lightly fry garlic
Cook the meat with the garlic
Add in mixed vegetables, cook till veggies are soft
Mix in the rice

~ Not her favourite, either because of the meat, or the strong taste of garlic

Brinjal Rice
3 oz red snapper (ikan merah)
3 oz mixed vegetables
2 oz brinjals - steamed
4 oz roce- cooked

Cook the fish with mixed vegetables
Once fish is cooked, crumble to small pieces
Add in brinjal
Mix in the rice

~ Steamed brinjals was from the table. It was her first try, she was okay with it
~ Don't think she noticed the brinjals in the rice... super soft by then


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