lightly flavoured spiral pasta

One of my 'malas days'... just put in broccoli and fishball and flavoured it with oyster sauce and sesame oil.


Randumosity Giveaway Friday

Your Choice Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pad Sampler Starter Set of 3.
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I love cloth pads! And below are just some reasons why I love it; taken from Randumosity
-They lessen your contribution to the landfill
-They are more breathable and carry less odor
-They inhibit fungal and bacterial growth
-They are less likely to cause rashes / dermatitis
-They reduce PMS symptoms
-They are easy to clean and care for
-Each pad lasts 5 to 7 years

I've been on CP for a year, the last time I wore uncomfortable dispos was probably after birth. I shall never go back that path! Seriously, just give cloth pads a try. You can feast your eyes on the rest of my CP in the posts tagged cloth pads. I'm not going to count how many I have, but you can never have too many :p

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fish steak

This is my focus: fish.

This is her focus: broccoli

*this pics was taken in January, at the moment she's not into fish*


attractive pasta shapes

It was creamy fish pasta using leftover pan fried cod with broccoli. It seems that she's not into fish steak that much compared to few months ago.


udon hailam

I've decided she'll stick to udon, and mee kuning (as most people say it's 'angin') will be reserved for us adults. Thank heavens Tok Mama's fried mee is made from spaghetti, not mee.

Notice that she picks the udon, leaving behind the chicken and cauliflower.


mee kuning

Continuing my search for different types of noodles for Arianna, Mr. Daddy bought mi kuning. She ate it, but it's not going to be her favourite. Into daddy's tummy then.
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claypot yee mee

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leaning tower of dishes

So okay, I occasionally stack dirty dishes (washing them at one shot makes more sense). You can see the stable layer of plate, another plate, plastic bowl and correlle bowl. As I was busy with other things, Arianna finished the plate of mango and decided to stack the correlle plate on top. While I think that's clever, that's just a warning for me not to leave dirty dishes, or use a plastic plate for her.
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udon salad

Instead of garden/ pasta salad, thought of simple udon salad instead.
Udon lightly sauteed with butter and broccoli, served with salad.



A simple recipe:
1/3rd packet of udon
chicken fillet
oyster sauce

I wanted her to try udon since I like it. True enough she loves it. I'm bored with all her usual pasta, but the again I rarely cook linguine.. hmm should try that too.

Oh yeah, she's using adult tableware and cutlery, and refuses the colourful Ikea plates and cutlery. I've not let her use our usual set, fearing she might break the plate/ bowl. But so far so good, past few months there hasn't been an accident with al-cheapo tableware.
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cloth pads as cute token

Cute little package from Dian :-) Handmade cloth pantiliners, you'll never have enough of those, especially cute ones. Thanks so much (I guess this was in exchange for the Mei Tai I've loaned to her). May cloth pads, cloth diapers and babywearing love will spread to all moms out there.
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Grobaby cloth diapers

After realising that Tiny Tapir has an outlet in Bangsar Village II (duh.. so ketinggalan zaman), we went there to replace an aging Grobaby CD (its elastic thigh snapped... hmm still usable?). At Arianna's request, we bought the cute red flowery one. And we grabbed a Magic Stick, surprisingly we've been using the very first one since last year... and we're only 2/3rd way through it! Definitely worth the money.



We're not just painting on paper, we've gone beyond drawing blocks.
Next best thing: tiled walls. Totally washable.



Mr. Daddy's happy face of leaving the old job for a new one. We ate at Fullhouse in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. It was a hot afternoon, I guess it'd be better and cooler in the evening. But we enjoyed the concept and the food. Arianna approved of the carbonara, but my banana milkshake was just milk with artificial banana flavouring *bummer*. Whatever the food lacks, it makes up in the cozy and spacious bungalow it occupies.
Hope it signifies a good beginning in DH's new adventure.

I should update the restaurant list before I forget:

Yogi Tree
Garden Lifestyle
Porto Romano
New York New York
Chocolate Lounge
Pasta Mania - oh no! It has closed in Pavillion. Anywhere else?
Manhattan Fish Market
Tony Roma - out

Sakae Sushi
YO! Sushi
Kushi Q
Sushi King
Korean BBQ Chicken

Middle Eastern:
Al Diafah

Fast food:
Pizza Hut
Burger King
Carls's Jr (the latter 3 for fries)

Haagen Dazs
Baskin Robbins
New Zealand Natural
McD icecream