Potatoes galore

Went for my 2 weekly check up, and we had lunch at Wendy's. A decent fast food joint- but it is cooked to order. There are new chippers in Wendy's...tastes so much better than the fake McD fries.

She loves the cheesy mushroom sauce- however the mushroom phase is over. As usual her burger would have extra cheese, extra mushroom sauce (that's RM2 extra). The fun bit was eating the cheesy bits- leaving the patties behind LOL.

And I had the fish (cod) burger with baked potato. Tried the new fries with chives/sour cream. I was happy with my carbs today.


Back to health

Rashes disappeared in just 4 days/ day 7 illness. So how did we know?
We shared flaming seafood platter at Manhattan Fish Market, IPC on Malaysia Day September 16th.

I guess she wasn't fully healed, but she ate the salty (to my taste) seafood. Not the charred prawns- those were mine. Never mind the fact she downs it down with gulps of icy cold water.


HFMD day 6

She requested to go the hospital on day 3 illness. I had to go to work, but she knows I work at the hospital. Smart girl! Full blood count was pointing more towards viral infection. True enough, mouth ulcers appeared that days and rashes the very next day.

I went back to work today since I was oncall last evening. Yesterday she did say she was hungry but refuses to eat. Today she said she's hungry and helped herself to some cheesecake. That's my girl!!


Rashes and ulcers

Still struggling to give Oral Aid. But no fever >24 hours. Fever subsided but rashes came out. Yesterday she was well hydrated, judging from her pee consistency and frequency. Not eating much but I know her appetite is there. Such a pity that the ulcers are hindering her from eating.
Usual dialogue:
"Ow shaket... Tongue shaket"
"I don't want ubat. Mommy give me ubat"... While throwing a tantrum.
"Pain! I cannot eat. Tongue shaket"

1 ulcer on the tongue- getting better. 5-6 ulcer at the roof of her mouth/ throat. It's so heartbreaking.


HFMD for real

I think she had that few months back. She really had itchy palms and soles. No mouth ulcer that time. Yesterday, at day 3 illness we saw mouth ulcers!! Pity the toddler. Blood was normal- must be a viral thing.



Our love affair with cuppies started/ rekindled this year. Beginning of the year, I won a box of cuppies from Oven Gigs. Then I got to know Nadhirah (1 Teaspoon of Love/ Baby Cakes on FB). The icing doesn't stain your hands- so it is not overly-artificially-colored. Sofea fell in love with the delicately, beautifully done toppers ie the figurines on top of the cuppies.


Chinese style stir fry

So far this is among the cooking style she likes. Garlic, sesame oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce. No need for extra salt.



Dad's side of the family... All in Klang Valley now. But we'd always get together in Oak Long's house on the first day of Eid.