Don't need to do much shopping- but it was still 400+ worth of damage. Nursing bra, nursing wear are not cheap but essential. Towel, blankets, wash cloth, daily wear for the baby. It's well worn, so baby deserves new stuff. Managed to get Baby Gap pajamas for this growing toddler too.


Cough and asthma

Whenever she has prolonged cough, and reliever inhaler- MDI Salbutamol does not provide relief, it is usually time for steroids or long acting drugs. We are on the first week of MDI Alvesco- one of the newer steroids.

For me, warm honey drink lessens my cough. Oh and get this, kicap+limau!! One of the Jawa tips my friend told me earlier.


Going green

Been awhile since I shopped for CDs and CPs. Not a big fan- err never a fan of pocket diapers. But I did get 2. Will blog about it once I get another 2.

I bought Grovia (used to be Grobaby) shells as I have plenty of soakers. I had quite a few sets of it when it was first launched.

I couldn't resist and bought 2 newborn Grovia AIO. That isn't very wise but I just had to see the cuteness of a tiny newborn diaper.

Decided I won't do prefolds and cover. Prefold doesn't seem to be easily available, and it is expensive IMO. Unless I google tutorials on converting lampin to prefolds? And I'm not keen on buying plenty of S sizes cover.