babywearing : Mei Tai (MT)

My first encounter with mei tai. I wonder what/whose MT I tried on that day. I met Farid & lil Idrees. Arianna was still chubby at 8 months *check out her arms*.

*that was among the last time Arianna used her decorative shoe, got it from M&S, so pretty*

The first Malaysian Babywearers Organisation gathering I joined. Great ladies (Shada, Adriana, Jess, Aida, Mye, Nita, Farid, Joanne, Grace ?MIA ) and we stayed in touch. Joanne is the founder of Littlepods.
I finally owned my first MT. Grabbed it during the second meet, no pics as Arianna was sick. I attended alone :( Great thing was, I was the first to get the tester of Mei's Mei Tai. It's so our colour and pattern - blue paisley!! It's still Arianna's favourite, she grabs the green straps if she wants to be carried at home. The green is sweet, believe me coz I'm not a fan of green.
*9 months old, not walking yet - hates stroller, loves being carried*
*check out Arianna's Cl*rks shoes, great for crawler to walker stage - she was size 3 1/2 that time*


babywearing : pouch

Second carrier, after the ring sling.

Baby Wombie/My Indulgenze pouch
It is reversible to pink.
It was all cotton material, I find it restricting.

My Lovely Closet pouch 
This is non reversible.
Its material has some stretch (like Littlepods), it's easier to use.

I was a pouch newbie... so I ended up having 2 pouches within 2 weeks *shaking my head*
But a sleeping baby is like a log... too heavy. Thus I used 2 pouches and spread her weight to both shoulders.
This was when I realised I need a 2 shouldered carrier.
She was 7-8 months, and I discovered Malaysian Babywearers Organisation... the forum was just up at this point.
There was no turning back.....


for my Adam, Arianna's big bro

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would you feel the same
If I saw you in heaven?
I must be strong and carry on
cause I know I dont belong here in heaven...

Would you hold my hand
If I saw you in heaven?
Would you help me stand
If I saw you in heaven?
Ill find my way through night and day
cause I know I just cant stay here in heaven...

Time can bring you down, time can bend your knees
Time can break your heart, have you begging please...begging please

Beyond the door theres peace Im sure
And I know therell be no more tears in heaven...

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would you feel the same
If I saw you in heaven?
I must be strong and carry on
cause I know I dont belong here in heaven...


babywearing : Mei's Mei Tai ring sling in action

I got the white RS (Mei's Mei Tai) on Tuesday (thanks Mr. Azmin), just in time for Justine&Robert Noble's wedding on Saturday. Arianna was sleepy, so we left after the bride/groom's toast. We only had 4 courses *hope it wasn't rude*.

Arianna had fun with Daddy, touring around the hotel. At her bedtime, she looked for Mommy for her feed. After BF, I put her in T2T then to cradle carry. She slept soon after.

It was great meeting up with Zini&Irman, Cher&Joe, Jen&MC&Gab, Aunt Tina (yeah, seated on the left is not my friend, she's Zini's mom yaa... chic huh?).

Look forward to seeing more babies... Nobles, Irmans, Chans. No pressure on Joe.



my best friend - my breast pump

It's my best friend (item wise) since 5 days post partum till now. LO is almost 16 months old now.
*my bag is baby blue in colour

I love it because:
  • dual pump
  • double phase expression
  • it has its own cooler bag/ice brick
  • thoughtful compartments/bag

I hate the weight. I weigh 8kg extra with all the pump parts/cooler/pump motor. I hate the fact that I didn't get friendly help by the local distributer when I needed the adapter. So sakit hati, that I wrote to Medela. Of course, no reply from the local company.

Moral of the story: don't drop the adapter. It costs RM240, and half day of emergency leave.


overdue tag

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* long overdue, it's 2009 already*
* guess after the 25 random facts, another 10 should come easy?*
  1. I almost hit the toll gate today (next time letak balik TnG card dlm SmartTag ASAP)
  2. I had once hit a toll gate (KESAS highway), bukak slow sgt
  3. Slow drivers on the right lane irritates the he!! outta me
  4. I think SAHM is harder than being a FTWM
  5. I want 3 kids (2 down, 1 to go)
  6. I'm an IT dropout
  7. I feel Arianna's growing up too fast
  8. I live with my in laws coz I'm their fav (read: the only)
  9. I'm lazy (I think) coz DH would vacuum, not me
  10. I love new places, new challenges - thus I need a career move this year!
Tagging my daily read:
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  • Millie
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  • Elly (dia tak buat lg even tho Mye dah tag)
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  • Mommy Qaisara
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  • Babyripp (also coz tak buat lagi)


babywearing : ring sling

This is from Mei's Mei Tai.

Got it just in time Robert & Justine Noble's wedding (didn't want to wear a dark RS to her wedding)

  • light weight cotton
  • doesn't slip
  • great shoulder (gathered)... cups my shoulder nicely


  • white.... plain/dull to some. I must pimp it (yeah right, me?)
  • gotta learn how to adjust the rails, cotton fabric with aluminium rings - a bit different than silk with nylon rings (read: slippery)


babywearing : ring sling

My first BW gear... a ring sling from The Baby Loft. Audrey was very helpful in teaching the basic positions (LO was only 3 weeks old)

  • chic colour
  • supportive fabric
  • easy to adjust
  • easy to adjust = easy to slip
  • rings are too slippery in combination with the silk
Too sayang (and lazy) to unpick and redo the shoulder. So I got myself another one :)


Bumps & Mums Weekend

Talks Saturday 4th April:

1030am : Infant CPR and 1st Aid ..........Ellen Suppiah
1130am : Natural Birthing ..........Anne Ibrahim
1230pm : Yoga and Pregnancy ..........Daniella Somasundram Agnoletti
130pm : Post Natal Depression ..........Dr Ng Wai Sheng
230pm : Wearing Babies ..........Jess Tang
330pm : Back Ache Free Pregnancy ..........Debbra Lee

Talks Sunday 5th April:

1030am : Baby Sleep ..........Jennifer Hor
1130am : Flatter Tummy After Baby ..........Debbra Lee
1230pm : Discovering Waterbirth ..........Ruth Miller
130pm : Music & Kids ..........Phoebe Lim
230pm : Kids Fitness ..........Sathya
330pm : Breastfeeding Succesfully ..........Christine Choong


weaning to solids : 9-10 months

It was pretty simple till this period. I had a variety of carbohydrate, fruit and vegetable in my cooking list. Arianna would be contented with simple taste, the natural taste of the food. 

Note that I started giving her cheese. She had shown allergic reaction to cow's milk, but cheese, yogurt etc are processed dairy products. The lactose are already broken down during the processing, thus easier on their digestive system. However, she vomited the we waited for few weeks till we tried again.

Since I was having loads of sushi, it's only natural Arianna wanted some too. Daddy bought calrose rice, the one they used for sushi. Surprise, surprise (or not?) she loves it. We did not add vinegar, sugar, salt into it though (unlike the sushi).

I was slowly introducing more protein to her. She still loves fish over chicken/ beef/ lamb

9 months:

calrose/sushi rice 

10 months:
carrot noodle 
goat cheese 
olive oil 
white bread 
wholegrain bread 


weaning to solids : 7-8 months

Busy 2 months for her, as she was becoming mobile. She started crawling, swimming with Daddy. Fine motor skills - banging cubes, pincer grasp, holding her sippy. She was very sociable, prior to separation/ stranger anxiety. She hated pooping in diaper, so she learned to potty.

I continued with the previous food. I used many combo, and only introduced:

7 months:
  • prune
  • sawi
  • spaghetti
  • spinach
  • guava
  • spelt rusk
  • pear
  • (vomited Nestum baby cereal, poor kid)
8 months:
  • salmon
  • cod
  • cauliflower
  • beef
We started giving finger food at 7 months, and discovered she loves spaghetti, and later on... most types of pasta.

By 8 months, we started protein. As per Hubby's rationale, he'd rather have her eat fish rather than chicken. She loves her fish, although in small quantities.

How do you know she eats enough (coz most ends up on the floor *nightmare to clean*)?
She passes normal stool, once or twice a day (or she may skip a day - as long as she's not fussy, her tummy's fine)


weaning to solids : 6 months

When Arianna turned 6 months old (way back in June 2008), I started with these (in that particular order - every 3-4 days)
~white rice
~sweet potato
~'air zam zam' (usually it's cooled boiled water)
~brown rice

I did not cook the porridge, ie cook the rice real soft, and blend it like (I think) my mom used to do. Instead I milled the white rice, brown rice and barley into fine flour (imagine the Neslac in tin), and cook it: 2 tablespoon to 3/4 cups of water. I then dilute it with a little bit of EBM to give it a familiar taste.

I did not really puree (blend and sieve) the veggies. Instead I just used the blender/food processor till the food is real fine. Malas la guna sieve :) Plus you're gonna sieve out all the fibre bits.

For the fruits, the soft fruits like papaya, banana and 'ciku', we just mashed it up. I initially steamed the papaya, but it became too mushy and sweet. 



First one in January by Tok Mama. Yesterday I snipped her fringes when she was watching TV. 


cloth pads

Pics on the right, local WAHM products (snexy, Saffa).
Pics on left, imported pads (Cyclez, HagRag) from Tiny Tapir shop.

3 pantiliners, 2 light pads, 3 day pads, 3 heavy pads.

Velcro vs snaps.
AIO vs insert.


Kizsports & Gym

legal disclaimer: not paid for this entry (although they should :p)

Arianna stays at home, taken care by my wonderful in laws. When she turned one, we thought that it is time for her to develop her social skills, and be around with other kids.
After scouting around, we enrolled into the OU branch, although we initially wanted to go to Bangsar (her previous fav hangout). But OU is just 5 minutes away, and it was a great decision coz PIL have the option of bringing her there during the weekdays. They brought her there this afternoon in fact :)

Arianna was finally settled in after 4 classes. I think it's because:
  1. Daddy was shooed away
  2. She had 2 biji ciku prior to the class
  3. She woke up late at 8.15am, it kinda make up for her missed morning nap
Pics are from my handphone camera, so it's a bit of a blur.
I like teacher Farizah (plus she's married to my dad's cousin).
Arianna knows how to go over and go under the skipping rope. She said bubbles, and ate one of it!


tagged by Hanz (no, not by myself...another Hanz)

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  1. What is your name: Hanim
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  3. A boy's name: Hanif
  4. A girl's name: Hanna
  5. An occupation: Housewife
  6. A color: Hijau
  7. Something you'll wear: Hijab
  8. A food: Hokkien mee
  9. Something found in the bathroom: Hairbrush
  10. A place: Holland
  11. A reason for being late: Handbag hilang
  12. Something you'd shout: Hoi
  13. A movie title: Hercules
  14. Something you drink: Honey
  15. A musical group: Hammer (as in MC)
  16. An animal: Horse
  17. A street: Hitam
  18. A type of car: Honda 
  19. A title of song : Heaven Knows

kena tag orang lain ek? another time when I have more cyber friends ye, pretty new in blogging here :)
so tak original... I'm sleepy, but researching something.  time to ZzZzzz


birthday tea at the Yogitree

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She was sleeping when we arrived, but woke up when the food arrived. The three of us enjoyed the lunch together as hubs joined the 3 series club.
  • Duck and Pear Salad with organic Toasted Black Sesame
  • Al Funghi in light cream sauce, with dash of truffle oil
  • Peach and Banana Crumble, with vanilla ice cream
  • cappuccino
Definitely Arianna's kind of place.


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Mom and dear Hubby
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chicken bento

Chicken: grilled with worchestershire sauce
Vege: broccoli, tomato, chunks of cheddar cheese

Served with spiral pasta.