weaning to solids : 7-8 months

Busy 2 months for her, as she was becoming mobile. She started crawling, swimming with Daddy. Fine motor skills - banging cubes, pincer grasp, holding her sippy. She was very sociable, prior to separation/ stranger anxiety. She hated pooping in diaper, so she learned to potty.

I continued with the previous food. I used many combo, and only introduced:

7 months:
  • prune
  • sawi
  • spaghetti
  • spinach
  • guava
  • spelt rusk
  • pear
  • (vomited Nestum baby cereal, poor kid)
8 months:
  • salmon
  • cod
  • cauliflower
  • beef
We started giving finger food at 7 months, and discovered she loves spaghetti, and later on... most types of pasta.

By 8 months, we started protein. As per Hubby's rationale, he'd rather have her eat fish rather than chicken. She loves her fish, although in small quantities.

How do you know she eats enough (coz most ends up on the floor *nightmare to clean*)?
She passes normal stool, once or twice a day (or she may skip a day - as long as she's not fussy, her tummy's fine)


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  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    Amboi gumbira nya Arianna kat atas potty..! Such a good girl! Armand is 25 mths now and I still havent potty-train him :( ...if I see him meneran then I'll try to bring him, itu pun kalau sempat! usually he only says "Ama nak wee wee" AFTER he wets his diapers :P

  2. mama shmontel Says:

    wahhh...terrernya arianna!!
    bila la sarah nak overcome her potty fears.. (but then again, disastrous jgk bila pikir lately ni selalau diarrhea! hoho)

  3. Cik Aimi Husna Says:

    wow tererla ariyanna.awal dah well trained.aimi nak bljr potty awal2 gak la

  4. Hanim Says:

    She hasn't talked, so susah la mak dia kena tgk sign dia nak potty. Bapak dia fail to recognise sign.. so Arianna potty dgn mommy, tok/ wan dia. I think dia lagi geli yak dlm diapers.

  5. mommylyssa Says:

    Good job training Arianna potty!! Love reading your blog btw ;-)

  6. Daddy Says:

    Today...Arianna successfully cakap to daddy nak yak !! Horey....lega hati dia dapat yak dalam toilet bowl.

  7. Hanim Says:

    Thanks mommylyssa :)

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