Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Mom and dear Hubby
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  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    Birthday siapa ni...? Speaking of the food..I'm feeling hungry oredi.

    BTW, Arianna tak berapa suka nasi & lauk2 ye? Because all my kids went through phases of liking and disliking all types of food. Penat kita kan. Now baby Zuleyka is refusing blended bubur nasi (w vege, chicken/fish/soft tofu) and loves nestle beras & soya instead..and rusks too..

    Actually I like western food or pasta dishes more..senang nak buat haa haa..!

  2. Hanim Says:

    It's my hubby's birthday :) Also my mom's
    I didn't have the chance to have dinner with my mom (rain check la ye, Mak.

    Hehe Arianna follows me.. don't really like nasi when I was pregnant.. I preferred bread, pasta.

    Picker eater...I think that's a challenge for us moms :) I wonder how our moms cope with us dulu2.

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