8th of November

I was still rostered to work that week. Was busy walking in and out of the CT room that morning. I was particularly tired despite having a 3 day weekend (Aidiladha was on Sunday).

By 11am, I have excused myself and headed to see the gynae.
By 12pm, after an ultrasound, VE of 2cm and a swab later- it is decided that it's time.

*Oh, I was allowed a short trial of labour.
Baby's size didn't change much since week 35. Battling pneumonia, work probably contributed to it. She's a smallish, cephalic baby.
VBAC it is.*

1.30pm: ARM @ 3-4cm
4.10pm: contraction stronger, wanted epidural. Nurse said I was 5cm
4.20pm: cancelled epidural, I was 8cm
4.50pm or thereabouts: Dr. Patrick arrived and stage 2 began
5.02pm: Sarah was born.

*No pethidine, no epidural.
Entonox made me high and floated up to the sky.
Yes, I drove to work, drove to clinic, and drove myself to the hospital. But valet parking la since I had my bag and baby bag.*

Fast and furious labour.


Happy Birthday

Born at 5.02pm.


2 weeks ago

It was my sister's birthday.... and I was still working. Rostered in CT scan- but was doing the running around too (Tuesdays are short as it's class day for first years). But I actually excused myself before lunch. Guess why?!



Call it what you want, call it lower respiratory tract infection... The fact remained that she was really sick, spiking temperatures after her dose of diclofenac supp (did not attempt syrup paracetamol, nor syrup ibuprofen).

I was sick initially- I thought it was the freezing aircond in CT reporting area. Took the first MC of the semester. Sofea got sick after that and we brought her to Dr. Eric.

After 2 antibiotics, 2 MDI, Singulair granules- she recovered in early November - alhamdulillah. We went to see the pediatrician every 2-3 days, daily/ twice daily nebuliser (including weeknight neb in emergency department.

Looking back- would it be faster recovery if she was admitted? Being in 3rd trimester, immunocompromised (being a pregnant, asthmatic mom as well as recently recovered)- I think we did what we think was best. It was a struggle to administer meds- but that'd be the same in hospital, and I dread what she'd do to the IV cannula.