8th of November

I was still rostered to work that week. Was busy walking in and out of the CT room that morning. I was particularly tired despite having a 3 day weekend (Aidiladha was on Sunday).

By 11am, I have excused myself and headed to see the gynae.
By 12pm, after an ultrasound, VE of 2cm and a swab later- it is decided that it's time.

*Oh, I was allowed a short trial of labour.
Baby's size didn't change much since week 35. Battling pneumonia, work probably contributed to it. She's a smallish, cephalic baby.
VBAC it is.*

1.30pm: ARM @ 3-4cm
4.10pm: contraction stronger, wanted epidural. Nurse said I was 5cm
4.20pm: cancelled epidural, I was 8cm
4.50pm or thereabouts: Dr. Patrick arrived and stage 2 began
5.02pm: Sarah was born.

*No pethidine, no epidural.
Entonox made me high and floated up to the sky.
Yes, I drove to work, drove to clinic, and drove myself to the hospital. But valet parking la since I had my bag and baby bag.*

Fast and furious labour.


2 Response to "8th of November"

  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    I think after 6cm memang selalunya cepat je bukaan kan. Since I dah 4 kali, I've had epidural, pethidine & entonox..of course epi is the best la hehheh. Take care :)

  2. Hanim Says:

    thanks... 3 pun laju... hehe but takde no 4 for me.

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