My third visit to the chiropractor today.

My tip is, work with the chiropractor. Help as much as u can in providing a precise history. And I've been mulling over it... I think it was the piriformis muscle giving me some deep, nagging pain. Felt much better after physiotherapist taught me the piriformis stretch. Chiro works on on my neck, lower back spinal alignment and piriformis. I had TENS for my neck/ shoulder. I must've been so uptight past few months. Last week: both physio and chiro had identified sacroiliac pain and we worked on it.

Hoping that I won't wake up in pain tomorrow. I asked, and he did say it may hurt during the first few visit.
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Gotta blog this!

At the very last minute, DH wanted to make Arianna's passport today! Over his lunch time. So, wasn't very last minute darling...u left the tabs on IE on my PC. Read the requirements, called up Hanna just to be sure of certain stuff.

We needed:
-birth cert & copy
-daddy's IC & copy (no worries... we photocopied there, that wasn't mentioned in the website). That parent who signed, thumbprint taken, must aso be there to pick it up (so DH has to squeeze some time to pick it up tomorrow yeah?)
-2 passport sized photo (they have a booth: RM10 for 4 pics, cheap rite? But we already have her pics)

It took us less than an hour!! Parking was RM1.50 for the first hour. That's what we paid! Amazing. How is that possible??

Nombor ekpress untuk kanak-kanak bawah umur 2 tahun, warga tua berusia lebih 70 tahun, orang kurang upaya. Apa laa... orang gomen mestila tahu. Macam kat klinik la.
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back pain

(this blog is to share with fellow bloggers, prompted by MommyLyna's entry)

Whoever has been following me on FB would know by now that I have back pain that's killing me. It's on and off past few months, but I couldn't take it when lumbosacral support provided temporary relief only.

Here I am, 2.5 weeks later, after :
  • 2 orthopaedic appointments
  • X ray lumbosacral : anteroposterior, lateral in extension and flexion
  • MRI lumbosacral: T1W, T2W, TSE sequences
  • 6 physiotherapy sessions
  • 2 chiropractor visits

There are so many possible diagnoses, but mine's just disc dessication ie disc degenerative disease ie slipped disc. Well, it sounds bad... but factoring age, activities... I think mild disc protrusion is logical. Slipped disc sounds horrible... it's not like I had a bad fall, that old or something :-)

Conservative is the way to go, I mean not everything in life need surgery (right, Orthopods?). Chiro works on bones/joints (thanks Adrianna, for sharing a place closer to home), physio works on my muscle... now there's another conservative method... rolfing (thanks Uncle Khairol... never knew it before).

I've been neglecting my body, I'm fatter, flabbier despite my improved stamina, bone density post breastfeeding. I forgot my stretching for deep muscles of my back (honestly multifidus was known to me for MRI reporting, never realised it's importance in flexion of the trunk).

Ok, I'm babbling. No pictures... I like real pics rather than googled pic. So click on the links, coz those links are what I've bookmarked for myself. Will share more as I progress towards a more flexible momma.


Kembali Kepada Fitrah

Breastfeeding is Fitrah,
Breastfeeding is Sunnah.

Dr. Faridah Idris is a successful BF, BW mom. A mom of 5, a specialist *hats off*. Hop over to her site.


a day in the life of a fussy eater

Breakfast: bread@banana (C), milk@yogurt drink (D), egg@cheese (P)
Lunch: She wanted egg&watermelon, leaving her carb (C) and other protein(P)
Nuggets- never tried it before, was bought in case Haariz, Idrees datang.

Teatime: bread (C) and sausage (P)

Dinner/supper: soupy pasta (C)

I'm always thinking in terms of (C) carbohydrate, (P) protein, (D) dairy. Not too worried about fat, because we do use olive oil, minimal butter in food preparation. She'd get her fibres, vitamins from her veggie and fruits.

Eggs and cheese are protein too (plus soy, beans, nuts, tofu etc)... I just can't think of conventional protein *I know, I know*.
--> me muttering to myself



That is how people get your bank info:

Dear Valued Client,

We recently notices one or more attempts to log in your HSBC Bank account from a different IP address and
we have reason to believe that your account might have been logged on by a third party without your authorization.

If you recently accessed your account while travelling, the unusual log in attempts may have initiated by you.

However if you are the rightfull holder of the account please click on the log on button below and verify your account information

Failure to verify your information will lead to the temporary suspension of your account online for security reasons

HSBC Bank Plc
I got this email, saja je la tekan login coz I definitely won't use any links via email, most importantly I don't have an HSBC account. It directed to a bogus website.. not a https one.
* in purple: highlighted spelling, grammatical errors. Real banks better not have these mistakes, they'd lose credibility!



A great place to learn about animals. But it hasn't changed much since I was a child? Some cages were empty, KFC is no longer there, but the trains are adequate.

She loves the video I made... original recording of animals (although a bit Blair Witchy). Not many pics though. An extra RM15 for the camcorder is worth it.

Next stop: Singapore Zoo.


Mediterranean diet?

Fruits, veggie, olive oil, moderate dairy products/ fish, minimal red meat... that's her diet. I'm cracking my head for her protein, but cheese, egg, yoggurt, milk are okay with her. it's just the conventional chicken and meat that eludes her mouth.

But I think we're still ok. What if your child refuses the latter four?



In Nuclear Medicine past 2 weeks, so much to do and learn, so little time! Sucky broadband connection doesn't help either.
Surviving without my dose of early morning coffee since Tuesday. Of course I had 2 days worth of withdrawal headache, but hoping this will last this time around. It's such a diuretic that I get pretty dehydrated when I'm fasting.

I'm gonna be a SAHM for the next couple of days. Let's see what my daughter is up to then.
She's currently:
  • having teething fussiness
  • in tomato ketchup frenzy (Heinz only)
  • eats nasi impit and kuih raya during open houses
  • bathes, eats, dresses herself, chooses her own dvd, goes up and down the stairs, opens doors (not the knob type) on her own
  • working on peeing on the potty (till I recognise her signs, it's just the poo bit for now)
  • enjoying company, DH's colleagues has kids her age
  • still likes my anatomy text/diagram
  • likes books better


Friday menu

Gotta document this.

Friday menu:-

  • banana
  • cheese
  • bread
  • Milo

  • nasi lemak

  • olive (picked off from my Subway)
  • orange
  • lettuce
  • coleslaw dressing (ran out of other dressing)
  • boiled egg
  • warm milk or soya at bedtime

I should just make salad for her dinner *LOL. She loved the salad in Tony Roma, Italiannies. I should start making substantial salad. And she loves simple stir fried taugeh/ cabbage/ carrot/ kucai (we omitted the pepper). We shared a plate at Teppanyaki ... previously she ate half of the rice and vege, one time she just ate the vege. This time.. she finished 90% of the salmon, and vege too.


FAQ on cloth pad

1. How to wash cloth pad?
Rinse off stains with cold water. If you want, soak in a cold water with a bit of salt.
Chuck it in with the rest of your laundry (but DON'T use softener). I usually wash it with Arianna's cloth diaper (non-enzyme detergent, no softener)

2. How many hours can I wear it?
They say 4 hours for medium pad. For me: 8-12 hours using night/overnight pad.

3. Does it smells?
Nope. It doesn't emit the blood+disposable pads stench.

4. Does it leak?
Just like disposable pads, do not overload it. Change according to your flow.

lastly (because I do not like to impose on others my personal choices in life)
5. Why cloth pads?
You can google why disposable pads worse off. Personally, I hate the stinky waste, rashes, heavy flow associated with it. And cloth feels more comfortable on your skin.

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