FAQ on cloth pad

1. How to wash cloth pad?
Rinse off stains with cold water. If you want, soak in a cold water with a bit of salt.
Chuck it in with the rest of your laundry (but DON'T use softener). I usually wash it with Arianna's cloth diaper (non-enzyme detergent, no softener)

2. How many hours can I wear it?
They say 4 hours for medium pad. For me: 8-12 hours using night/overnight pad.

3. Does it smells?
Nope. It doesn't emit the blood+disposable pads stench.

4. Does it leak?
Just like disposable pads, do not overload it. Change according to your flow.

lastly (because I do not like to impose on others my personal choices in life)
5. Why cloth pads?
You can google why disposable pads worse off. Personally, I hate the stinky waste, rashes, heavy flow associated with it. And cloth feels more comfortable on your skin.

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