Lau Wan kuey teow

We had to track him down again since Wan's corner no longer exist. Past 7 months he's been in De Bistro, Jalan SS3/29. Hope his Facebook will update us on his whereabouts in future.


Rukun iman

It took time for me to decipher this song:

Broken a man, broken a man,
Broken a man, enak enak ( repeat twice ).

It is actually:

Rukun iman, rukun iman,
Rukun iman ada enam.


Gaucho Grill

Both of us had delicious BBQ ribs, this comparing to Tony Roma's- that we just had last Sunday. Ordered spaghetti carbonara for the preschooler. It was priced at RM39, obviously the portion was huge. It is one of the better carbonara for sure. They don't have kid's meal unfortunately.

They have 2 outlets. The pictures on their FB and most reviews are on Chulan Square outlet. The Crown Regency outlet wasn't very helpful/ friendly when I called- thus Chulan Square it is.


Allergy test

It came back positive for cow's milk only. Not even house dust mites? Hmm... We should consider skin prick test for more allergen?


Allergy croup

There are many causes of croup. Sofea had urticaria during ward stay, thus it was thought all these were caused by allergies. She cried when they took blood- quite a surprise because few months back she was really brave about it. Allergy test was expensive- they charge per antigen they tested. Let's see if there are any positives.