I bought kueyteow with no clue what to cook with it. One evening as I went through my fridge, figured out I had bits and pieces for kueyteow hailam. 
Of course I had to present it nicely to my food critique.

Verdict: She enjoyed the texture, and finished most of the kueyteow.


June parties- Harith, Athirah&Uzair

(Belated entry)
We were invited to Munirah's kiddies party 2 weekends ago. The theme was transportation. Wished I came earlier to snap the early photos, but of course we were just in time for the party, as lil princess had her afternoon nap first. I have no idea how long, and how much printer ink went into the preparation.

A 180 degree action snapshots:

the photographers

the guests

the kiddies

yours truly (thanks to the third Hanim in the party)

the hostess: Munirah, and the curious party-goer.

It was a hot, sunny afternoon, so the water activity is really nice.

Uncle SyauQi setting up another fun activity.

Food was catered for all sorts; including picky eaters :p
I met 2 new bloggers: Hanim & Farah. Hanz, Mye, Lana & Mommy Lyna were also there. Hoped to meet other moms, but of course with a toddler in a big party... that's a challenge.


product recall

Uh-oh, SpaghettiOs! Approximately 15 millions pounds of SpaghettiOs with Meatballs have been recalled due to possible under-processing. Fortunately, there haven’t been any reports of illness so far. Click hereto find out if the cans in your pantry are part of this recall.



I love the fact that since she turned 2, she's more receptive towards food. And sending her to school made a difference too. She's eating sandwiches! The successful one is the cheese/sandwich spread/butter one. The tuna, sardine, egg and chicken sandwiches are not to her liking yet. She's familiar with wholemeal bread, so I've never tried with white bread. I wonder if it's yummier with white bread?



I'm dreaming of this!


for sale

This Clarks shoes has been worn very few times. The price was RM128.
Reason for selling:

  1. She was already moving towards size 7
  2. She's a girl, those are boys shoes!
We've gotten her new sports shoes now. At that point she was still into sandals. RM70? Lower? Drop me a note yeah *guilty conscience*


been hit by a bug

Rekindling Mac love? Oh no!



She rarely uses her baby Munchkin/Avent/First Years forks and spoons. She prefers the big-people ones ie stainless steel one. Haha we don't use silver spoons ya! And we absolutely love this kopitiam-like spoons. Hers is the Pooh, bought from Parkson. I think she likes it as she can scoop loads using that spoon. It comes in handy for soups too.
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worse hotel food ever

I took this picture, thinking that I'd blog about the ease of room service. Instead, I've got to blog about how bad it is. This was in Renaissance. We ordered chicken rice and spaghetti meatball. We were tired from travelling, and I had to leave early the next morning to HUSM.

The rice was DRY, DH had to say it tasted like rice from 3 weeks ago. It was dry and hard. The rest of it was tasteless. The spaghetti, I can't remember. So my poor kid refused to eat it. Pretty ok because she ate sushi rice and fishballs which we brought from home. Unfortunately we only brought those 2 tupperware of food. She went hungry the next day, refusing the buffet breakfast and staged hunger strike while I went for viva.

The only good thing about it was: I passed the viva. Bad thing: poor baby only ate little, only to get tummy ache the next day :(
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McDonald's Recalls Movie Themed Drinking Glasses Due to Potential Cadmium Risk

McDonald's Recalls Movie Themed Drinking Glasses Due to Potential Cadmium Risk

Picture of Recalled Drinking Glasses



Ikea's easel is kind of dirty after months of usage. Mr. Daddy has improvised and secured a new, smaller, better quality whiteboard. Her favourite thing when she wakes up: drawing. We wonder if she was trying to draw what she dreamt of?!

She drew a tree!
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gadget freak

Came home one day and saw this lying around... one of those credit card redemption booklet. Was kind of puzzled who'd want an MP3 player? Asked grampa/gramma... they said it was not them... must be the one and only cucu! Ok la baby, you can share our iPod ok (yeah rite! Earphones at such young age? I don't think so).
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