Baby with bronchiolitis

AS2 is hovering around 9+kg. She was 9.45kg pre Raya and 9.75kg last night (different scale though). The Saturday- a day before Raya, following Saturday and Monday, she was seen by Dr.Eric for her cough. Nebuliser of Pulmicort and Ventolin/or Combivent was the mainstay. Pretty lucky she did not spike fever. Unfortunately here we are 2 weeks later- baby begins coughing again, no thanks to big sis.

Big sis on the other hand is spiking temperature up till 40C. This is going to be the third day of fever. Coughing with runny nose is slightly longer. Oh, she can take meds with less resistance! That's a huge a achievement for a feisty girl who previously had to be restrained for her meds.

I have managed syrup Zyrtec, Durotuss and Zithromax. I'm still relying on suppositories of diclofenac 12.5mg and paracetamol 250mg. With very high temperature- we cannot afford dosage reduction (ie by her spitting out). I am starting her on Singulair as her MDI Alvesco has run out. She has the similar nebuliser regime as lil sis.

Disclaimer: Meds are as per paediatrician's prescription with mommy-doc-dispenser nursing her.


fidyah links

Ramadhan is approaching soon. Reasons for fidyah includes pregnancy, breastfeeding, ill etc. Just a gentle reminder for those who have not paid the fidyah. You can pay via No need to go through the hassle of finding a PPZ, circling for parking.


On fidyah- taken from


1.Orang yang meninggalkan puasa dengan sengaja atau uzur syarie berkaitan - haid, nifas, wiladah, musafir dan sakit yang ada harapan sembuh.Wajib qadha sebelum datangnya Ramadhan akan datang, sekiranya masih belum mengqadha maka dikenakan fidyah.
2.Uzur - tiada kebarangkalian untuk sembuh atau sakit yang disahkan oleh doktor tidak boleh puasaFidyah dikenakan pada tahun itu juga dan tidak perlu mengqadha puasanya.
3.Ibu hamil/menyusukan anak yang tidak berpuasa kerana bimbang akan:
i. Kandungannya terjejas
ii. Air susunya kering
Fidyah dikenakan pada tahun itu juga. Hendaklah diqadha sebelum melangkah Ramadhan akan datang. Sekiranya tidak mengqadha puasa sehingga masuknya Ramadhan, maka dikenakan fidyah berganda.
iii. Sekiranya tidak berpuasa kerana dirinyaWajib qadha sebelum Ramadhan akan datang dan sekiranya masih belum mengqadha maka barulah dikenakan fidyah.

Kadar fidyah bagi tahun 1431H ialah RM 1.80 sehari.

Pengiraan Fidyah (beras)

1 gantang baqdad = 2.7kg
1 cupak beras = 675g atau bersamaan dengan RM 1.80 bagi sehari yang ditinggalkan.


Sarah: weaning to solids

So far so good, apple, bread and banana - receive good response. She didn't like rice and tried to spit it out. Tried again today- okay to calrose rice rather than basmathi.
She has also eaten spinach, carrot and broccoli.
Farley's rusk seems to bother her past 2 days. No more today!


8.44kg at 5 months

Just a day short of her 5th month, we had to make a quick visit to Dr. Eric. Sofea has cough, fever, urticaria. Antibiotics completed- it was still a struggle despite once daily dosing of Zithromax. Oh she weighs 18kg, 1kg increase since last visit in January.

Sarah had mild fever. She wasn't prescribed anything for the fever. She also has cough. Ventolin/ normal saline nebuliser as needed (had started her on it already).

I made minyak kunyit this time around. Previously I just used fresh kunyit, and draw over the forehead down the nasal bridge. Minyak kunyit is easier, worked for both girls. I'm trying it myself today.

Minyak kunyit @ turmeric oil:
3cm of fresh turmeric
2tbsp coconut oil

- the turmeric is burned over fire till the skin is charred, the flesh is reddish
- grate it into the clear coconut oil till the oil turns yellowish


Cutting nail

Most apt as it is Friday.


Air frying

I've done nuggets and fish- success!
Pathetic attempt for cendawan goreng unfortunately.

From what I gathered from the 2 recipe books, wet batter must be coated by dry breadcrumbs or desiccated coconut. There were breadcrumbs spewing from the hot air vent. Please abide the 10cm clearance at the back of the air fryer.


Air fryer by Philips

Will let the pictures do the talking.


Al fatihah

Al fatihah to a friend I knew since standard 6 up till a year ago. 20 years plus of friendship. You're forever cherished. Al fatihah Zorzini Roslan. The 6 of us became the 5 of us.



Our usual problem: sleep.. now with a preschooler and a baby.
Here's a good read:

I have to look through my older posting... I have a feeling that I've blogged about this sleeping chart before.

AgeNighttime sleepDaytime sleepAverage total sleep
2 years10 to 12 hours1 to 3 hours (1 nap)13 hours
3 years9 to 12 hours1 to 3 hours (1 nap)12 to 13 hours
4 years9 to 12 hours0 to 2.5 hours (1 or no nap)11 to 12 hours
5 years8 to 11 hours0 to 2.5 hours (1 or no nap)10 to 11 hours
6 years10 to 11 hoursnone10 to 11 hours
7 years10 to 11 hoursnone10 to 11 hours
8 years10 to 11 hoursnone10 to 11 hours
*Note: The two sets of numbers don't always add up because children who take longer naps tend to sleep fewer hours at night, and vice versa.


home made paint


Lau Wan kuey teow

We had to track him down again since Wan's corner no longer exist. Past 7 months he's been in De Bistro, Jalan SS3/29. Hope his Facebook will update us on his whereabouts in future.


Rukun iman

It took time for me to decipher this song:

Broken a man, broken a man,
Broken a man, enak enak ( repeat twice ).

It is actually:

Rukun iman, rukun iman,
Rukun iman ada enam.


Gaucho Grill

Both of us had delicious BBQ ribs, this comparing to Tony Roma's- that we just had last Sunday. Ordered spaghetti carbonara for the preschooler. It was priced at RM39, obviously the portion was huge. It is one of the better carbonara for sure. They don't have kid's meal unfortunately.

They have 2 outlets. The pictures on their FB and most reviews are on Chulan Square outlet. The Crown Regency outlet wasn't very helpful/ friendly when I called- thus Chulan Square it is.


Allergy test

It came back positive for cow's milk only. Not even house dust mites? Hmm... We should consider skin prick test for more allergen?


Allergy croup

There are many causes of croup. Sofea had urticaria during ward stay, thus it was thought all these were caused by allergies. She cried when they took blood- quite a surprise because few months back she was really brave about it. Allergy test was expensive- they charge per antigen they tested. Let's see if there are any positives.


Back at home

Aircond is drying, so we need a humidifier. The old one was broken (but DH had fixed it!). We were looking for it yesterday in OU. Not cheap...RM200+ even for non branded ones.



Sofea had an awful barking cough. Started a little bit at night, but sounded awful by 2am. Off to the hospital she goes.

Urticaria rashes appeared on day 3, thus doc thinks it is allergy related. I'm cracking my head thinking what can she be allergic to....tapioca pearls/ bubbles? She had plenty of chocs the day before. Let's see what the allergy test reveals.


BF diet

I am snacking more, drinking plenty of fluids. I have not started herbal milkmaid tea, fenugreek capsule or other pills. Will keep that for emergency situation.

I also find drinking longan, red date soup/ drink helpful. Another mom said Gong Cha drinks I bought the pearls.


EBM storage and tracking

I found this notepad in the kitchen. It showed dwindling supply towards the end...with last 3 (expired) EBM stashed in the freezer.

Never really counted maximum bottles I have, as long as it is enough. Max 40 feeds, minimum ?9 bottles.

Plastic storage was expensive back then in 2008-2009. We had bottles (most were gifts) and we bought more. It was easier to handle by keeping in bottles. They'd just have to thaw a bottle for each feed. Never really seen handling of EBM in plastic.


Gong Xi Fa Cai

I remember vividly a very lame entry last CNY. Was a hectic year...and blogging mojo wasn't there.

This year holds new challenges, but I am very happy with the family I have and the choices I make.

Here's the preschooler's art for CNY this year.