Celcom sucks

Second day of poor reception. Line is intermittently disrupted, still!!! The downfall of living in BU/DJ/DU/TTDI area...congested??

So okay, I'm only oncall tomorrow.. but how soon would the prob will be fully rectified? How would I know when emergency happens... and they couldn't get through?

Hello.... amanah kerja.... cepat2 la fix it. No need cuti raya lama2. I was back oncall on 4th day raya (after a whole week of non muslim colleagues covering-thanks u guys!). Taking 24H oncall tomorrow too.

Yesterday, my specialist-on-call was probably rejoicing coz not many calls/sms...... till morning comes and lotsa sms (including angry sms) came in. So who do u blame if u can't get that urgent CT/MRI? (don't wanna jinx it by saying urgent nephrostomy, drainage, embolisation).

Karma babe... ntah2 technical people who are responsible will come in one day with a stroke (to make it spicy.. amendable with intervention if diagnosed early)... and gets delayed treatment coz cuti raya lama sangat. Sangat menyusahkan.

Kerja kena amanah! I pray to God for my patient's safety... and may I not kill anyone by lackadaisical attitude.
angry 8-years-faithful customer


the girls

2 girls with 3 sisters (we're aunts really). Pics are on Facebook :)


Salam Aidilfitri

Salam Aidilfitri... weekend is near, time untuk sambung Raya


Eid Mubarak

This was us doing last minute shopping in OU. Keep forgetting to ask her when she wants her stroller again. To all, have a good Raya. Drive safely, seriously- don't want to have loads of xrays, CT scans due to accidents. Think of your loved ones.
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what happens when daddy goes to Tiny Tapir

Forgot to give credit to DH who braved the LRT during lunch hour to pick up a few stuff from Tiny Tapir. Got the magic stick...special price coz I was the first 10 respondant on the Facebook *yay for FB*. It's awesome, no need to dirty my hands while applying diaper ointment. Smells good too!

That cup is underutilised (she likes blue coloured cups).
We love organic soap. It's really cleansing *duh*. I mean we see a difference compared to commercial shower cream.

Last, but not least, got another 2 Grobaby!! That's the only CD that he approves off. Letting go the rest. I said buy 1, he bought 2. Go figure. Wouldn't be surprised if he buys more.


3 months...

....till she turns two. Decided to read Baby Center today

Your 21-month-old

What's your toddler doing? Your 21-month-old is probably interested in rearranging furniture, assisting with chores, and using her own play shelves, table, and chairs. She might also be able to put on her clothing, wash and dry her hands, or brush her teeth with help.

She's also getting closer to tackling the toilet. Sometime after her 18th month but before her second birthday, your toddler will be able to recognize when she is going to urinate or have a bowel movement. You'll also notice signs that your child is about to eliminate — she might crouch down or move away. Even after she realizes what's happening, she isn't necessarily ready to use her potty, but she's getting closer to it.

How is your life changing? Toddlers at this age like things "just so." Along with tantrums and exploration, obstinacy is another hallmark of toddlerhood. Respect her preferences and interests and try to give in on the little things, like which jelly to use on toast or which shirt to wear. Make it clear that some things — like behaviors that affect safety — are not up for negotiation.

Try establishing — and sticking to — set times for napping, eating, and going to bed to help her feel more secure and in control. Routines can also make your life easier. If your child knows what to expect every day, you'll probably encounter less resistance. A regular way of doing things can also keep you from having to take time to plan each day separately.

Parent Tip: Time for a Song "I've noticed that with my 2-year-old daughter, language and communication skills have really started taking off. Musical games, reading, sorting, and physical play are her favorites now." — Tara

  • Own furniture - own sofa, stool, table dominating our (read: her) room
  • Put on clothing - as long as it matches, I'm okay with it
  • Wash/dry hands - gotta make sure she wipes her hands with the towel (not the curtain, tablecloth)
  • Recognising elimination process - still working on the urination part
  • Tantrums - loads of it
  • Exploration - my lil explorer at home (changed her playroom's arrangement)
  • Routine - been kept to since young


random breakfast/brunch serving shots

Cleaning up my hp inbox, and I found few MMS from DH. He prepares breakfast/brunch for Arianna considering I leave early (earlier) for work these days.
Fruit, protein, carbo- daddy makes sure of it.

Cornflakes with raisins. Yogurt drink. Pasta. Mix vege.

All time fav: watermelon

Bread&nutella (just a phase).

She loves cheese!

French toast@roti telur, failed effort :(

Deja vu *LOL*

Our favourite all day snack.