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On this day 3 years ago, I found out my baby had passed. To a better place, to be with God. Instead of a boisterous 3 year old son, we are blessed with a boisterous 2 year old daughter. It's his birthday tomorrow.

Thank you God for a wonderful year, may we'd be blessed for the coming year. I welcome Muharram 1431 with renewed vigor.


test update from n97

testing...testing....4.37 am


the song to get Arianna to drink fresh milk

The cows give us milk! The cows give us milk!
Hi-ho the derry-o, the cows give us milk!

The chickens give us eggs! The chickens give us eggs!
Hi-ho the derry-o, the chickens give us eggs!

Taken from one of the Baby Einstein series. She loves drinking milk from her blue cup... will add a picture of her later (read: at home with my own pc)


Happy Birthday


forgetful hubby

He was mumbling mumbling something something that I complained that I didn't get a birthday present. I forgot that the T900 was supposed to be anniversary+birthday present *sorry, few months dah*

Yet he says he doesn't buy me stuff?! Hello, what about my current hp, netbook, 'school bag', that striking red camera, and restoration of my 'toy' car.

When I said small present, he thought of this:

When I mean small, maybe perfume? Chocolates? Blouse? Lipstick (haha yeah right)?


*sekali sekala kasi la can I komplen, ni asyik2 u&baby je suka komplen hahaha*


new phone

A picture I got from DH's Facebook.
He came home, one of the things he asked me.... dah tengok FB? I was like huh- your status (boring work stuff usually)? He said no, his mobile upload pic.

Nice way of telling me he got me something.
Why am I blogging this? Coz we both fell asleep early while getting Arianna to bed, and here I am at 2 am, and I still haven't seen it.