the song to get Arianna to drink fresh milk

The cows give us milk! The cows give us milk!
Hi-ho the derry-o, the cows give us milk!

The chickens give us eggs! The chickens give us eggs!
Hi-ho the derry-o, the chickens give us eggs!

Taken from one of the Baby Einstein series. She loves drinking milk from her blue cup... will add a picture of her later (read: at home with my own pc)


6 Response to "the song to get Arianna to drink fresh milk"

  1. fizamior Says:

    hahaha... so cute! eh tp baby einstein ni mmg best kan?

  2. Hanim Says:

    yeah Fiza..but unfortunately I only found few... but too late for her age. Kalau ikut recommendation... 9-12 mths banyak, but she's already 24 months. Sayang betul tak byk jual kat sini.

  3. lin Says:

    nk tnyla,adriana umur brp ye skrg? anak sya dh wt blk peel lama tanak minum ebm..klu gi kje tu sya kasik dia minum susu yess tu je..

  4. Hanim Says:

    Lin, Arianna is 2. Tapi dia stop BF 18mths :( So EBM pun takde. Few months before that dia mmg kurang minum EBM siang... byk BF malam2. I think 4 oz je kot dia minum.

    Msa dia umur >1y tu puas pikir sumber kalsium eg yogurt, cheese, fresh milk. Formula.. tak jumpa yg sedap.

  5. chin nee Says:

    so cute!! i am having problem feeding milk to my twin boys. m still finding way to attract them to drink..

  6. Hanim Says:

    Chin Nee... methods change ever so often :) Currently this one works.

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