8.44kg at 5 months

Just a day short of her 5th month, we had to make a quick visit to Dr. Eric. Sofea has cough, fever, urticaria. Antibiotics completed- it was still a struggle despite once daily dosing of Zithromax. Oh she weighs 18kg, 1kg increase since last visit in January.

Sarah had mild fever. She wasn't prescribed anything for the fever. She also has cough. Ventolin/ normal saline nebuliser as needed (had started her on it already).

I made minyak kunyit this time around. Previously I just used fresh kunyit, and draw over the forehead down the nasal bridge. Minyak kunyit is easier, worked for both girls. I'm trying it myself today.

Minyak kunyit @ turmeric oil:
3cm of fresh turmeric
2tbsp coconut oil

- the turmeric is burned over fire till the skin is charred, the flesh is reddish
- grate it into the clear coconut oil till the oil turns yellowish


Cutting nail

Most apt as it is Friday.