World Autism Awareness Day

As I was listening to the radio this morning, I said my thanks and prayers for the improvement we see in DD1.
Speech and social skills were the red flags of her developmental milestones, mainly the former. Early intervention as advised by developmental paediatrician and speech therapist probably the best move we did for her.
DD1 is now in primary 1. Time had flown by, and I hope her speech/social development will finally be at par.

OMG the previous post was in 2014, unpublished!

Fast forward to 2017:
DD1 is in standard 4
DD2 is in kindergarten

Time flew by. I am mini blogging on IG, less so FB. And more privately, on another less used social media platform.

And I almost forgot about my blog 😝


It's the year end

Been a challenging year. Blog neglected for more than a year. kids are getting bigger. time to regroup and prioritise.


Baby with bronchiolitis

AS2 is hovering around 9+kg. She was 9.45kg pre Raya and 9.75kg last night (different scale though). The Saturday- a day before Raya, following Saturday and Monday, she was seen by Dr.Eric for her cough. Nebuliser of Pulmicort and Ventolin/or Combivent was the mainstay. Pretty lucky she did not spike fever. Unfortunately here we are 2 weeks later- baby begins coughing again, no thanks to big sis.

Big sis on the other hand is spiking temperature up till 40C. This is going to be the third day of fever. Coughing with runny nose is slightly longer. Oh, she can take meds with less resistance! That's a huge a achievement for a feisty girl who previously had to be restrained for her meds.

I have managed syrup Zyrtec, Durotuss and Zithromax. I'm still relying on suppositories of diclofenac 12.5mg and paracetamol 250mg. With very high temperature- we cannot afford dosage reduction (ie by her spitting out). I am starting her on Singulair as her MDI Alvesco has run out. She has the similar nebuliser regime as lil sis.

Disclaimer: Meds are as per paediatrician's prescription with mommy-doc-dispenser nursing her.


fidyah links

Ramadhan is approaching soon. Reasons for fidyah includes pregnancy, breastfeeding, ill etc. Just a gentle reminder for those who have not paid the fidyah. You can pay via No need to go through the hassle of finding a PPZ, circling for parking.


On fidyah- taken from


1.Orang yang meninggalkan puasa dengan sengaja atau uzur syarie berkaitan - haid, nifas, wiladah, musafir dan sakit yang ada harapan sembuh.Wajib qadha sebelum datangnya Ramadhan akan datang, sekiranya masih belum mengqadha maka dikenakan fidyah.
2.Uzur - tiada kebarangkalian untuk sembuh atau sakit yang disahkan oleh doktor tidak boleh puasaFidyah dikenakan pada tahun itu juga dan tidak perlu mengqadha puasanya.
3.Ibu hamil/menyusukan anak yang tidak berpuasa kerana bimbang akan:
i. Kandungannya terjejas
ii. Air susunya kering
Fidyah dikenakan pada tahun itu juga. Hendaklah diqadha sebelum melangkah Ramadhan akan datang. Sekiranya tidak mengqadha puasa sehingga masuknya Ramadhan, maka dikenakan fidyah berganda.
iii. Sekiranya tidak berpuasa kerana dirinyaWajib qadha sebelum Ramadhan akan datang dan sekiranya masih belum mengqadha maka barulah dikenakan fidyah.

Kadar fidyah bagi tahun 1431H ialah RM 1.80 sehari.

Pengiraan Fidyah (beras)

1 gantang baqdad = 2.7kg
1 cupak beras = 675g atau bersamaan dengan RM 1.80 bagi sehari yang ditinggalkan.