snack time

Presenting her tableful of snacks. She munches throughout the day as she doesn't really take a full meal if mommy's not home *sigh. At this point, she's already bored with the yogurt drink and Famous Amos cookies. She's still very much into watermelon, orange and cabbage and Toast'em bread.
She hates(?) the taste of it's splattered on the floor.

Remedy? Mix with Milo (or any hot choc drink for that matter). I usually mix 3 oz and she can finish 2 oz in one gulp haha.


Noodles and Pasta

fried vermicelli served with marinated chicken and mixed vegetables

Creamy penne pasta with red spinach (note the pinkish cream)

Spinach pan mee with chicken

afternoon snack of grapes and chicken


post BF Arianna

I've been having problems in uploading photos. Wanted to picture blog Arianna's food actually.

Oh well, might as well do a wordy update then:
  • no more BF
  • no more pumping, and I'm not engorged
  • Arianna's eating better, albeit a fussy one
  • cut down her nap to just one afternoon nap a day
  • sleeps through the night
  • sometimes dry throughout the night too
  • wakes up later (9.30-10.00), coz not looking to BF before mom goes to work
  • takes all sorts of calcium
  • still not speaking much, let alone combining 2 words together
  • uses screwdriver
  • handles the remote control car better
  • spins round and round
  • walks backwards
  • doesn't demand for evening drive
  • loves her (read: our) room, spends so much time in (aircond rarely switched off)
  • begins scribbling- on easel, paper, wall, on mommy too *ouch*
She's able to point out her needs, unfortunately we don't do signs. She'll only talk as her last resort eg taknak if people tries to feed depite her shaking her head. I'll hear mamam if I don't feed her dinner by maghrib.

I'm not worried, because I think she chose not to talk just yet. Just like how she started walking on her own only at 13 months (although walked with assistance for months), only she didn't walk, she runs! I have a feeling once she talks, she's going to talk non stop.

She hums, babbles, squeal when she hears a familiar song, and her dancing is too funny!


Aqiqah for my babies

This happened last Sunday, been busy (read: moody) to upload the pics. Guess there are plenty of food pics to be blogged. At the moment, she's really jumping ship...from a milk monster to a cookie monster. I miss my milk monster, but she cuddles with me plenty to make up for the absence of BF session.

We actually did 3 bahagian, 2 for Adam and 1 for Arianna. Many couldn't make it as it was the end of school hols perhaps. Performed by the same imam who came for Adam's funeral.

It wasn't sunat for arwah Adam, but we have 'niat' for it. And ustaz was consulted on the matter. We fulfilled the criteria for the aqiqah.


stressful June

Arianna has given up BF daytime, and I 'curi-curi' BF whenever she's sleeping. Been meaning to update...but there're just too many emotions to actually blog it down.

She has shown signs of weaning past few months:
  • can go without BF for HOURS if we're out (?8-9 hours)
  • good intake of solids
  • refusal of bottles
  • bites if forced to BF
  • wakes up in the middle of the night looking for plain water in her sippy
  • takes water after BF
I was thinking of ditching pumping since she has reverse cycled. Being a student/trainee meant hauling few textbooks in the bag. It has been a month since I quit lunch pumping (18th May), because thereafter I started my leave before I left the organisation.

Even though I was home, she BF less due to illness (and silly me, I purposely got infected to provide antibody- I ended up taking antibiotics). So come June 1st, since she no longer BF, I decided not to lug around my pump, and pump 1-2x at home. Urgh measly, measly amount! I definitely can't be EPing mom.

Since I started my new job, she seems to be enjoying(?) her/mommy's milestone (read: mommy leaves early)... so she cuts out her morning nap as she gets up 8-9ish. No morning feed, means she can sleep in. Her breakfast stretches till lunch.

Arianna's moving on... 10 teeth with more molars coming through, she's not dependant on milk *long sigh*, but more on solids. She's not totally on table food yet, so I still cook her meals. She sits with us (refuses high chair currently) and picks table food that she wants.

She nibbles all day long, and sometimes she only eats a full meal (in her own standard) when I get home in the evening. But looking at her poop, growth...I'm sure she's not underfed *LOL*. She had supper too, with Daddy.

She's sleeping through the night, if you can ignore the whimpers of wet diaper, crawling for water. If she can't find her sippy (just at her head), she'd crawl to edge of the bed to find a sippy on the table *this just happened at 5am*.

Mommy's off to work. Pics later.


a new beginning

... of Arianna's mom as a student. I'd have to leave at 7am (!), so I prepared food at 12am. I was busy with documents, books. Should've cooked earlier. I managed to pump a measly 1oz. She BF 2 nights, and stopped again *sigh*.

My bento shopping

Creamy Tomato Red Snapper

Angel Hair Pasta with Bean Bolognaise



Tag from UmmiHanie

[1] - 5 Names I go by:
-Dr. Hanim

[2] - 5 Jobs I have had in my life:
- salesperson
- front counter in TRU
- cashier
- restaurant helper
- doctor
(my dad had restaurants if you're wondering)

[3] - 5 Places I have lived before

- Klang (I think when I was a ?baby)

- Subang Jaya

- Dublin

- Penang

- KL

[4] - 5 TV Shows that I watch currently
- Wordworld
- Animal Mechanicals
- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
- Dibo the Gift Dragon
- Handy Manny

[5] - 5 places I have been
- France
- Monaco
- Italy
- Germany
- Belgium

[6] - People that e-mail/contact me regularly
- Hubby
- parents in law
- siblings
- Azlina Nam
- Farid

[7] - 5 of my favorite foods

- char kuey teow

- taufu fa

- ice cream

- egg sandwich

- creamy pasta

[8] - 5 things I would like to do
- bungee jumping
- lose weight (post partumx2)
- travel
- enter a car race
- bake

[9] - 5 Things I am looking forward to
- becoming a specialist
- having another child
- travelling far with a toddler
- having a SUV
- becoming a fit/lean person

[10] - 5 friends I think will respond
- Farid
- Millie
- Nadnye
- Hanz
- Rumiza


tag from Maryaa

from Marya (sorry this took so long)

1. Use Google image to find the answer to the questions below as rules.
2. And after that Tag 7 people.

1. Wish
2. The city I was born in
3. The city I was working in

4. A place I'd like to travel
5. A favourite house
6. A favourite animal
I don't wanna tag just 7 people, I'm tagging those who actually reads my blog. If you're kind enough to do it, leave a comment so that I can have a look :)


18 months old

She'll turn 18 months today!
Time flies when you have fun, really after the sleepless night, endless poopy diapers.. don't you just love the cheeky monkey?

She's still with her blankie, and we've introduced Meow the Katt (it's actually cute IRL).

We had a hectic May, with ceremony, party, holiday, illness. Mom started a new life, she went on nursing strike. Yep! She finally BF 3 hours ago, after going BF-less for 10 days! She's sleeping better without BF *sob sob* but that should be good for her.

  • Gross motor: runs, goes up and down the stairs as she wishes
  • Fine motor: brushes her teeth, scribbles with pens/markers, feeds herself snacks and meals
  • Speech/language: as previous entry..she's not much of a talker. She makes herself understood with pointing, signing. She knows objects...and would purr at pictures of kittens/cats.
  • Social/emotional: loves approval *clap, clap, clap*, throwing tantrum, able to mix with other kids, less stranger anxiety except to guys, blows a kiss, but have yet to master handshake, dresses/undresses with assistance, insist on feeding herself
  • Physical: still takes 2 naps (for now?), partially toilet trained (can stay dry for 5 hours, only to pee on mommy the moment diaper was removed)
  • Literacy: able to turn pages of books-and the right way up, carries the books around
I wonder if we could continue BF for a few more months?!