snack time

Presenting her tableful of snacks. She munches throughout the day as she doesn't really take a full meal if mommy's not home *sigh. At this point, she's already bored with the yogurt drink and Famous Amos cookies. She's still very much into watermelon, orange and cabbage and Toast'em bread.
She hates(?) the taste of it's splattered on the floor.

Remedy? Mix with Milo (or any hot choc drink for that matter). I usually mix 3 oz and she can finish 2 oz in one gulp haha.


5 Response to "snack time"

  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    Takpe lah Hanim those are still healthy snacks..I pun suka :)

  2. Hanim Says:

    hehe... better than not eating at all, rite? tu tak tunjuk lagi the not-so-healthy snacks ie sausage, icecream

  3. precious innocent Says:

    cop... u mix d ebm with milo? ke i salah baca?

    -mama emma-

  4. Hanim Says:

    Mama Emma.. betul la tu. Now EBM tak minum gitu aja. Dia boring kot, so tambah la dlm other drinks eg Milo, yogurt drink.

  5. nadnye Says:

    mmg normal budak2 at this age tak nak makan...
    my son lagi teruk, tapi bila nak masuk 6 years nie okay plak.. balik sekolah terus makan sampai habis.. cum satu jea tak nak vege ker fruits.. except.. apple

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