a new beginning

... of Arianna's mom as a student. I'd have to leave at 7am (!), so I prepared food at 12am. I was busy with documents, books. Should've cooked earlier. I managed to pump a measly 1oz. She BF 2 nights, and stopped again *sigh*.

My bento shopping

Creamy Tomato Red Snapper

Angel Hair Pasta with Bean Bolognaise


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  1. nadnye Says:

    sedapnya.. where u bought all the bento ?

  2. Ummuzulfa Says:


    I think you are a great mother...

    I can never cook like that to my daughters.:(

    yelah, kat mana beli bento accessories tu, online ke?

  3. Hanim Says:

    I beli kat Daiso..kedai RM5 Jepun katThe Curve.

    Masak sedap2 pun, takmau mkn. Adoi mmg kena sabar n tunggu this phase to be over.

  4. Me, Mrs Taj Says:

    Bestnya dpt breastfeed baby..dulu me takde susu..dpt susukn my son smpi 2 bln jek..sedih! beli breast pump bukan main yg mahal tp last2 takde susu..mmg sedih sesgt!

    Mcm tu la me dulu...waktu my son msk 6 bulan mmg pening kepala sikit la..bersengkang mata masak bubur tgh mlm pastu bgn pepagi kul 5 blend bagai...penat tp berbaloi la..cuz anak dpt mknan yg fresh..

    tp itu tak termasuk buat bekal untuk me and husband lagi...uishhhh exhausted!

    anywy, good luck sis...

  5. Hanim Says:

    Ladybird... I really should get to know ur name :)
    Next baby perhaps?

    My daughter is 18 mths..slowly nak bg full table food. Takyah nak masak special utk dia sorang :)

    But it's so satisfying to be having home cooked meals rite? I bwk bekal juga.

  6. Hanz Says:

    Hanim, I saw the other day kedai RM5 kat The Curve tu tapi x masuk pun...since u managed to grab bento accessories kat sana, I pun teringinlah nak ke sana

  7. SOHO Mama Says:

    Yumm sedapnya nampak dua2 dish tu :P

    BTW I baru je buat tag "5" tu..

  8. Hanim Says:

    Hanz... must go there!! I ada beli picks (so ungreen if i use sticks and keep throwing it away). She loves having food that way. In fact I just took a photo..let's see when I can blog it.

    Millie... great..hopping over now. Rasa mcm sedap...tp dia tak mkn. So ended up as my bekal :(

  9. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    Hanim, found your blog thru Millie's. Wow..u into bento-ing too?

    Just wanna say thanks for dropping by for the sling last Sunday. Hope to see u again in that area some other time :)

  10. Hanim Says:

    Hi Chin Nee...
    Didn't realise Mummy to Qiqi was u (read ur comments on Millie's blog)

    Bento... well anything food related....just as long as I can get my LO to eat!

    Guess once my life has settled a bit.. will be back joining gatherings, picnics etc :)

  11. SuE KasSiM Says:

    hanim..welcome to bento..ive started bento myself..since my eldest dh start kindy..its fun kan...

    i am still bf-ing my 2yo girl..in the process of weaning though..wish me luck!!

  12. Hanim Says:

    Salaam Sue

    Thanks for dropping in. Bentouing is fun, mine is always dull, but anak punya- mesti buat cantik2.

    Good luck on weaning. And congrats on your pregnancy!

  13. asma Says:

    salam dr hanim, glad found ur blog thru munirah's...my son a picky eater as well..shud try bento as well for him...wish me luck!

  14. Hanim Says:

    Hi Asma, thanks for dropping by. All the post under baby food, toddler food are all dedicated to my picky eater. Now she is still picky, ie food sedap/cantik only please haha.

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