udon malas

I cooked udon with chicken and peanut soup yesterday. Dug up photos of my previous recipe with udon.
  • udon hailam
  • udon with spinach and chicken
  • udon salad
  • udon malas (i.e. udon with egg and broccoli)
The Daddy has gotten bored with spaghetti/angel hair pasta. Mihun gets soggy. So udon is a nice tasting, stringy, fun carbohydrate alternative. Slurp up people.


soup in a bun

I'm trying to make creamy soup from scratch. Of course there are times when I just reach for Campbell tinned soup, or Maggi/ Knorr powdered instant soup.

I loved this pre-ordered bun from Kimi Bakery. It's just the nice size for a soup bowl. Before I could snap the pic, one side has been attacked thus the soup spilling out from the bun bowl already.


sick people menu

As Arianna has started preschool (it's not kindie, it's not nursery or daycare... so it's pre-kindie or playschool?), she has had more cough&cold and fever episodes in this past 6 months compared to the whole 2 years of life when she was at home.

The breakfast I prepared for her included:

  • rice (she didn't like porridge before)
  • chicken soup
  • baked beans
  • 3/4 boiled egg (ended up in my tummy)
  • hard boiled egg
  • yogurt
Now I have another sick patient recuperating at home. So the menu extend to all the household.
Day 1
B: oatmeal/ Milo/ biscuit
L: mihun sup
L: steamed cod with broccoli/ rice porridge
D: steamed cod/ blanched spinach/ rice

Day 2
B: capati/ chicken fillet with salad/ Milo
L: udon soup
D: stir fry chiken with spinach, broccoli/ rice

Now back to the hospital. Make doa for us, ameen.


Alphard vs Odyssey vs Wish?

Alphard is the tallest at 74". Odyssey is the longest at 200". Wish is the most compact at 63"/180".

Another action-packed weekend, starting with IJN visit this morning. I wonder when I can finally stop googling and really test drive the cars, including the fugly car. I agree with Adzimi when he commented:

I'd go for alphard for long term use. It may look ugly, but the huge space really helps. Bagaikan kindy yg bergerak. And its a powerful car too. Waiting for the day when my Alphard will finally arrive. Amin.



Mazda 8

Toyota Alphard
Honda Odyssey

Now, which of it is the best to for 4 adults, 1 toddler?


love your heart

Love your heart.
Eat moderately.
Regular exercise.
Yearly check up.
Keep a healthy weight.


Bisky Bosky

The name was weird I thought, but I loved the pantiliners. I was too lazy to choose, so I just ordered the classic line. It's owner, Qaty is off for awhile while she's in confinement. I am definitely gonna order more :p It was comparable to the US-made ones (mind is blank at the moment).


safety blanket

Arianna has outgrown her blue blankie :-) We've been slowly cutting it to be smaller, the last being a handkerchief size. Now, she doesn't need it when we go out. We do bring a blanket-sized one if she needs to sleep in the car.


trying out tuna

This was the lazy version. I just put the tuna mayo separately. Not so pretty rice balls, as I was too lazy to open the bento storage box :p Told you it was the lazy version.


The New Me! Giveaway by TheHoneyBunch


This blog has seen through my worst days. I started blogging in 2008, when my head could just explode trying to remember things I'm doing for my child. Come 2009, I decided to spice up my boring day job, by:

Working and back to being on-call
Studying and taking exams
while,juggling with

Having worked a regular 8-5 job (with occasional extended hours clinic which means working till 10pm), it was a huge change as I had to start work earlier than 8am, and often leave after 5pm. All these means less hours at home. Of course the days that I'm on-call, the weekends that I'm on-call or have group discussion: all meant that less time was spent with my family. Blog was neglected too.
We were having a serious presentation but smiled for the camera anyway.

Exam was hell. Us: being transported to HUSM.

This year, the shock came. In between studying, exams, working, Arianna has not been at par with her speech. The warning sign came at 2 years old. With referral from our regular paediatrician, we went to another developmental paediatrician

This year also saw Arianna starting montessori and speech therapy. She's been in school past few months and we're into the second month of speech therapy. I haven't blogged anything on those, but I should. Only that time is never there.

Simplicity is the key to get her to concentrate on the one-to-one therapy.

Concentrating on her work at school.

So I guess the juggling act continues. It's even harder for me now. Exams are looming, but hours spent with her has shown results. I've got to sacrifice my own studies as I believe early education is most vital for my child.

You know how people think kryptonite has special powers for Superman? Do you think molybdenum/technetium nuclear stuff will make me a: SUPERMOM?? Hehe I refuse to give up, and will continue to be a supermom. Wish me luck for my exams (and exams and exams and exams till I finish my masters and become a specialist)


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kueyteow sup

Excuse the horrible, oily pic taken using N97. But it really was kueyteow sup- with chicken and chunky egg inside. I think that's about all kueyteow dishes I can think off.

My quest for char kueyteow is not over yet, unfortunately.


Enfagrow A+

I hope this will end our search for milk. I like having powdered milk, then I wouldn't have to run downstairs to get fresh milk for her. The Fernleaf lasted 2 packets only *sigh*.