sick people menu

As Arianna has started preschool (it's not kindie, it's not nursery or daycare... so it's pre-kindie or playschool?), she has had more cough&cold and fever episodes in this past 6 months compared to the whole 2 years of life when she was at home.

The breakfast I prepared for her included:

  • rice (she didn't like porridge before)
  • chicken soup
  • baked beans
  • 3/4 boiled egg (ended up in my tummy)
  • hard boiled egg
  • yogurt
Now I have another sick patient recuperating at home. So the menu extend to all the household.
Day 1
B: oatmeal/ Milo/ biscuit
L: mihun sup
L: steamed cod with broccoli/ rice porridge
D: steamed cod/ blanched spinach/ rice

Day 2
B: capati/ chicken fillet with salad/ Milo
L: udon soup
D: stir fry chiken with spinach, broccoli/ rice

Now back to the hospital. Make doa for us, ameen.


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