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This blog has seen through my worst days. I started blogging in 2008, when my head could just explode trying to remember things I'm doing for my child. Come 2009, I decided to spice up my boring day job, by:

Working and back to being on-call
Studying and taking exams
while,juggling with

Having worked a regular 8-5 job (with occasional extended hours clinic which means working till 10pm), it was a huge change as I had to start work earlier than 8am, and often leave after 5pm. All these means less hours at home. Of course the days that I'm on-call, the weekends that I'm on-call or have group discussion: all meant that less time was spent with my family. Blog was neglected too.
We were having a serious presentation but smiled for the camera anyway.

Exam was hell. Us: being transported to HUSM.

This year, the shock came. In between studying, exams, working, Arianna has not been at par with her speech. The warning sign came at 2 years old. With referral from our regular paediatrician, we went to another developmental paediatrician

This year also saw Arianna starting montessori and speech therapy. She's been in school past few months and we're into the second month of speech therapy. I haven't blogged anything on those, but I should. Only that time is never there.

Simplicity is the key to get her to concentrate on the one-to-one therapy.

Concentrating on her work at school.

So I guess the juggling act continues. It's even harder for me now. Exams are looming, but hours spent with her has shown results. I've got to sacrifice my own studies as I believe early education is most vital for my child.

You know how people think kryptonite has special powers for Superman? Do you think molybdenum/technetium nuclear stuff will make me a: SUPERMOM?? Hehe I refuse to give up, and will continue to be a supermom. Wish me luck for my exams (and exams and exams and exams till I finish my masters and become a specialist)


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6 Response to "The New Me! Giveaway by TheHoneyBunch"

  1. Hanz Says:

    Salam Hanim. Noted with thanks. Good Luck! :)

  2. nadnye Says:

    wow.. sure takes lots of effort hanim, studying and take care of the family.. sebab tu I tak continue study lagi..

    should share a bit about speech theraphy

    btw hope u will have a smooth journey towards a specialist doc..

  3. Hanim Says:

    @Hanz... thanks

    @Nad... I guess that's the reason my mom tak sambung buat masters too. Thanks... hope I'll persevere and finish/ dont get kicked out of my training hahaha. Nanti I buat post on speech therapy.

  4. Hidayah Ismawi Says:

    Good luck for the contest :)

    That pic on the bus to USM.. it looks like my ex-classmate Bushra..we went to med school together.. one of my close friends

    MY LATEST ENTRY: Otak-otak Ayam @ Assam Pedas Melaka

  5. Adzimi Muzni Says:

    Good luck Hanim!

  6. Hanim Says:

    @Hidayah... oh yeah that's Bushra.

    @Adzimi... thanks :)

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