Back at home

Aircond is drying, so we need a humidifier. The old one was broken (but DH had fixed it!). We were looking for it yesterday in OU. Not cheap...RM200+ even for non branded ones.



Sofea had an awful barking cough. Started a little bit at night, but sounded awful by 2am. Off to the hospital she goes.

Urticaria rashes appeared on day 3, thus doc thinks it is allergy related. I'm cracking my head thinking what can she be allergic to....tapioca pearls/ bubbles? She had plenty of chocs the day before. Let's see what the allergy test reveals.


BF diet

I am snacking more, drinking plenty of fluids. I have not started herbal milkmaid tea, fenugreek capsule or other pills. Will keep that for emergency situation.

I also find drinking longan, red date soup/ drink helpful. Another mom said Gong Cha drinks I bought the pearls.


EBM storage and tracking

I found this notepad in the kitchen. It showed dwindling supply towards the end...with last 3 (expired) EBM stashed in the freezer.

Never really counted maximum bottles I have, as long as it is enough. Max 40 feeds, minimum ?9 bottles.

Plastic storage was expensive back then in 2008-2009. We had bottles (most were gifts) and we bought more. It was easier to handle by keeping in bottles. They'd just have to thaw a bottle for each feed. Never really seen handling of EBM in plastic.


Gong Xi Fa Cai

I remember vividly a very lame entry last CNY. Was a hectic year...and blogging mojo wasn't there.

This year holds new challenges, but I am very happy with the family I have and the choices I make.

Here's the preschooler's art for CNY this year.



...that is AS2 weight at 2.5 months. Pretty much like the elder sis. They were both 5kg+ at 1 month old.

We went for their jabs- the 6 in 1, and second dose of oral Rotarix for AS2. Chicken pox 1st dose for AS1. She just had her MMR last month.

Baby discovered her right hand 2 weeks ago- another self soother in the house.


School has started

Which means packed snacks and lunches. Snacks so far are cereal, biscuit/cookie or pastries. Lunch if she finishes late.


Sizzlers @ 10 Semantan

Thanks to Groupon, we discovered a nice eating place. The coupon was RM39 for RM69 worth of western combo. It's for 3 adults, but 2 adults and a toddler could also finish it.

The foot long sausage was interesting for toddler. There were beef, lamb chop, chicken chop and grilled chicken. Oh they served soup and salad prior to that.

I guess if you get tired from shopping at Empire or Emperor (across the road), you can always pop by. There is also a Mexican restaurant- looks interesting.

There was a time when toddler was still a fussy (-ier) eater, the pasta dishes would have satisfied her. They were out of mille crepe that day *sob sob*. Lunch was a good 1.5 hours- not bad when dining out with a toddler and a baby! First dining out with baby!! A milestone achieved!!!



Means different things to different people.


Happy New Year 2012

Welcoming a new year with fireworks, and sleeping in. 4th year of ushering new year with Sofea, with addition of baby Sarah this year.

May this year be a better one, ameen. Same thing was said for Hijrah new year too (that's with doa akhir and awal tahun posted before).