Sizzlers @ 10 Semantan

Thanks to Groupon, we discovered a nice eating place. The coupon was RM39 for RM69 worth of western combo. It's for 3 adults, but 2 adults and a toddler could also finish it.

The foot long sausage was interesting for toddler. There were beef, lamb chop, chicken chop and grilled chicken. Oh they served soup and salad prior to that.

I guess if you get tired from shopping at Empire or Emperor (across the road), you can always pop by. There is also a Mexican restaurant- looks interesting.

There was a time when toddler was still a fussy (-ier) eater, the pasta dishes would have satisfied her. They were out of mille crepe that day *sob sob*. Lunch was a good 1.5 hours- not bad when dining out with a toddler and a baby! First dining out with baby!! A milestone achieved!!!


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