cloth pads

5 each of overnight pads, heavy pad, medium pads and pantiliners.
I just got another 2 cute pantiliners from Etsy too, not in the picture.
I got them over a month ago, and it's still in the paper bag till it goes out as cute lil gifts :D

I've been using cloth pads since earlier this year(?) and haven't missed the sposies, not one bit!


lunch in Marche

Malaysian Babywearers unite!
Met Aizura briefly *sigh. She came back form US, has awesome stash, but Arianna had other plans (read: running around The Curve with new shoes). Syaz came with a zippy stroller... I wonder when I'll get to use a stroller? Of course the otais, Adrianna and Ray were there too.

Superfit mommy Elly had gone off to the gym. Temp traded my Angelpack SSC with her Sakura Bloom ring sling. I will review the famed SB once I have the chance to try it out.

On food:
The kiddies portion of pasta is too little. Arianna was still hungry. I should've ordered the adult portion.


can a book swim?

She's back to her 2-3, even 4 baths a day routine. This is her current fav tub at the moment. She outgrew her baby tub long ago. She then took her bath under the tap, while playing in the sink, while wetting mommy... she's pretty creative when it comes to bathing.

She has achieved another bath milestone, bathing under the (adult) shower. She used to hate it (too high up, too big of a radius?)

Once I reach home, she'll do 2 things:
1. Lie on the floor till I pick her up.
2. Gets rid of my glasses.

These days, she'll take off my glasses (gently now, not grabbing and throwing like before)... I think that says: "mommy, lie down/ play/ watch tv with me". I need it to read/ study (slight shortsight on right, and longsight on left post lasik).

So today, (silly me) I left a textbook on the table. She grabbed it, and threw it in her bath *huwaaaaaaaa*. She must've heard it when daddy says, "rendam buku/ tidur atas buku- ilmu masuk via osmosis".

To my dearest Arianna:
No, books can't swim. Ducks can swim, or rather her bath duckies float.


busy busy

Busy as a bee... well, we've survived with the weekend oncall. I had to leave for a case (ended up being 3), she was clinging to me. She was wailing away at home apparently while I worked. Can't complain really, Dr. H was really fast with the 3 cases. I got home, seeing she hasn't eaten proper breakfast and lunch, we headed to Tony Roma. No ribs this time though.

Caesar salad with chicken, hmm the salad was getting brownish...unlike the really, really fresh, crisp salad we got in Sunway Pyramid. Disappointing, we've had good salads in Yogi Tree and Italiannies.

We had scampi pasta with grilled salmon (didn't see any scampi though). It peppery spicy, so a big no from Arianna. We ended up tapau-ing both dishes, and she just ate the dessert (just the icecream bit in fact).

She's pretty comfy without the baby chair... yeah she started sitting in big people's chair even in restaurants now *sigh. She's growing up too fast. Think the last was in April? that she sat in one.

Yummy salad, in April when we last visited Tony Roma.

Oh we had a repeat of Teppanyaki, in Ikano this time. Hmm... the OU outlet is better. But at least Arianna ate, no carb but loads of veggie (taugeh, cabbage, kucai, carrots) this time because she already had nasi lemak, and total of 4 egg whites earlier in the day.

Have to ask a dietitian on her food intake.

Otherwise; she's on adult food mainly.
  • nasi lemak
  • nasi beriani
  • nasi putih
  • roti paratha/ canai
  • fried meehoon
  • cucur
  • karipap
  • talam ubi (seriously, even I hardly eat/buy this)
  • wajik
  • sips of green tea (hijacked from MY glass)
Veggies: eats whatever we eat, including fresh green salad (with dressing though).

Fruits: her favourites are still watermelon, grapes, bananas. New fav: oranges. Gave her a pear... ate it and almost chewed the stalk *again snatched from me, which explains the stalk*



We need a change form creamy pasta, so once she woke up from her afternoon nap (in the Beco, while mommy goes shopping in OU) we went to Teppanyaki. We went there before, but she was sleeping and missed the action.

We omitted the pepper, thus minimising the MSG. I had salmon teppanyaki, daddy had chicken teppanyaki. Watching the cook in action was an entertainment to her, and she went on eating. She finished most of my rice *LOL.

She's a size 6 1/2 G for shoes now.
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updated restaurant list

Unfortunately there are some places we just can't go twice *sigh*. She truly is a food critic.
  • Porto Romano
  • Garden Lifestyle
  • Manhattan Fish Market - out
  • Starbucks
  • Yogi Tree
  • Delicious
  • Vivo
  • Italiannies
  • Pasta Mania
  • New York New York
  • Tony Roma
  • Sakae Sushi
  • Senjyu
  • Yoshinoya - out
  • Sushi King - out
  • Korean BBQ Chicken - out
Middle Eastern:
  • Al Diafah
Fast food:
  • Wendy's - out
  • McDonald's
  • Pizza Hut - temporarily on hold
  • New Zealand Natural - out
  • Gelatissimo
  • McD sundae :p


Happy July

It was supposed to be Happy 4th of July, but I guess I couldn't find time to blog these days. As it is, physics, anatomy and radiography books are calling out to me.

It's 8.40pm and Arianna has fallen asleep. It's too early for bedtime, so once Daddy gets home...pretty sure she's gonna wake up. She took a nap, but too early at 12-2pm.

It's funny, just a day after I blogged about how she doesn't string 2 words, she did it! She said "ook...mam". Translation: Er don't ask why the cat's name is Ok@Ngok.

I was anticipating right lower molar, and didn't realise she had a left lower molar *LOL. Brushing her teeth, it's a battle. She's doing it occasionally.

Sadly, she's off the boobs now. She has soup for supper, her equivalent of milk. I did cream of broccoli soup the other day. Other time, instant sadly (no MSG variety). Daddy's job while mommy studies.
She's still into carbonara. She went on 3 nights eating Porto Romano carbonara (not that I don't make it, but the portion was huge).