lunch in Marche

Malaysian Babywearers unite!
Met Aizura briefly *sigh. She came back form US, has awesome stash, but Arianna had other plans (read: running around The Curve with new shoes). Syaz came with a zippy stroller... I wonder when I'll get to use a stroller? Of course the otais, Adrianna and Ray were there too.

Superfit mommy Elly had gone off to the gym. Temp traded my Angelpack SSC with her Sakura Bloom ring sling. I will review the famed SB once I have the chance to try it out.

On food:
The kiddies portion of pasta is too little. Arianna was still hungry. I should've ordered the adult portion.


4 Response to "lunch in Marche"

  1. Wiera Says:

    hanim, it was nice to see u in person..sorry, didn't chat for long...hope to meet u again.

  2. Hanim Says:

    Don't apologise, I came late *LOL. I just couldn't handle a hyper toddler in a restaurant when she's not hungry. Her schedule's all off eversince she stopped BF- she gets up late 9.30-11.00am, which delays her lunch, dinner, bed time.

  3. E`n1x Says:

    wah! it's kinda like a mini bbwearer gathering! lol

  4. Hanim Says:

    Mommies gathering more like it :) If BW gathering, dah penuh dgn BW stuff atas meja tuh *LOL.

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