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Busy as a bee... well, we've survived with the weekend oncall. I had to leave for a case (ended up being 3), she was clinging to me. She was wailing away at home apparently while I worked. Can't complain really, Dr. H was really fast with the 3 cases. I got home, seeing she hasn't eaten proper breakfast and lunch, we headed to Tony Roma. No ribs this time though.

Caesar salad with chicken, hmm the salad was getting brownish...unlike the really, really fresh, crisp salad we got in Sunway Pyramid. Disappointing, we've had good salads in Yogi Tree and Italiannies.

We had scampi pasta with grilled salmon (didn't see any scampi though). It peppery spicy, so a big no from Arianna. We ended up tapau-ing both dishes, and she just ate the dessert (just the icecream bit in fact).

She's pretty comfy without the baby chair... yeah she started sitting in big people's chair even in restaurants now *sigh. She's growing up too fast. Think the last was in April? that she sat in one.

Yummy salad, in April when we last visited Tony Roma.

Oh we had a repeat of Teppanyaki, in Ikano this time. Hmm... the OU outlet is better. But at least Arianna ate, no carb but loads of veggie (taugeh, cabbage, kucai, carrots) this time because she already had nasi lemak, and total of 4 egg whites earlier in the day.

Have to ask a dietitian on her food intake.

Otherwise; she's on adult food mainly.
  • nasi lemak
  • nasi beriani
  • nasi putih
  • roti paratha/ canai
  • fried meehoon
  • cucur
  • karipap
  • talam ubi (seriously, even I hardly eat/buy this)
  • wajik
  • sips of green tea (hijacked from MY glass)
Veggies: eats whatever we eat, including fresh green salad (with dressing though).

Fruits: her favourites are still watermelon, grapes, bananas. New fav: oranges. Gave her a pear... ate it and almost chewed the stalk *again snatched from me, which explains the stalk*


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  1. Ummi Salsabila Says:

    arianna dah mamam food cm kite.sng la sikit kan :)

  2. SOHO Mama Says:

    Looking at Arianna sometimes reminds me of Zuleyka. Both don't have long hair, and both girls badan macam sedap2 :D
    But with Zuleyka, I keep dressing her in pink whenever we go out so she'll look girlish haa ha..
    If all of my kids eat as well as Arianna i.e. the variety and category of food, I'll be floating in the air LOL! Setakat ni Amsyar yg kurus tu je yg makan ada variety..he used to love pears when he was younger too. Pears kan mahal sikit dari buah lain..but I dont care stocking up on whatever food that my kids want and are willing to eat!

    Hmmm sedapnya nampak salmon tu. I pun kejap2 beli salmon je skrg ni. It's so tasty that u dont have to add a lot of ingredients to it, right? Last nite I was so tempted to buy food, but ngantuk2 pun masak jugak lah coz sibuk dgn Ramadhan stuff & 2 hari asik beli makanan je. Not enuf stuff in the kitchen so cooked pasta, konon nak buat bolognese tapi oregano dah habis..? used other herbs instead & used angelhair pasta..nasib baik got parmesan in the fridge..ahhh lega tengok that it was a hit :)

    Aiya so panjang ah my komen.

  3. Hanz Says:

    Ooo dah lama x mkn grilled salmon & ceasar salad..good that Arianna eating adult food more, less hassle for you

  4. Hanim Says:

    US...ye la... kurang sikit stress nak berkejar2 masak pagi2/tgh2 mlm. If i masak pun, most of the time dia taknak, nak mkn food org besar gak.

    Hanz... tp adult food eg ikan goreng, asam pedas... tak kena dgn tastebud. Pasta plak tak kena dgn PIL's tastebud. susah gak

  5. Hanim Says:

    Millie.. anak I tak ramai cam u... tu pun penat nak layan dia mkn. I think hours are spent trying to offer her food, before she decides what she wants to eat.

    I wonder how my mom did it with the 4 of us. I remember when I was young, I'm happy with chicken soup almost daily. Then as we got older, she'd have ntah brape jenis lauk on the table (in small portions each) eg 2 types of chicken dish, 1 fish, 2 veggie or ada ayam kari, ada jugak ayam grg.. just to cater to our diff tastebud.

    At one point she tells us she won't cook unless we tell her what we want, coz she ran out of ideas to cook 4-5 dishes daily.

    Hehe u must stock up ur pantry...confirm RM500-600 worth of food kena beli.

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