cloth pads

5 each of overnight pads, heavy pad, medium pads and pantiliners.
I just got another 2 cute pantiliners from Etsy too, not in the picture.
I got them over a month ago, and it's still in the paper bag till it goes out as cute lil gifts :D

I've been using cloth pads since earlier this year(?) and haven't missed the sposies, not one bit!


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  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    I first used cloth pads a few days after giving birth to Zuleyka..I didnt know why I wasnt aware of cloth pads earlier..!! My stash are mainly Padded Perfection for both pads & panty liners(minky or bamboo velour - easiest to rinse, never had stains). Eventho takde PUL layer kat dlm, it's absorbant enough and I never leaked. Colours & prints oso pretty!! Ada jugak Mommy's Touch sikit..

  2. Ummi Salsabila Says:

    ee..lawanye colourful!! i xpenah pki lg..

  3. nadnye Says:

    Hanim.. performance wise okay ker..
    bila kat mana tu? etsy?

  4. Mye Says:

    Aiyakk...beli pleats nyer pliner jgk la tu! Jeless!

  5. Anis Zainal-Pacleb Says:

    hanim, please do share where to get this cute cloths pad.... pweeetyyyy pleaseeee.....

  6. Hanim Says:

    Millie... u nyer branded2 heheh.

    US... very comfy. Kena try. No more rashes (if terlama pakai disposable pad)

    Mye... u'll get yours :p

  7. Hanim Says:

    Nadnye... locally made. I find it as worthy as the US imported ones.

    Anis... I got it here:

    My first purchase was 2 pantiliner, 2 medium pad. She used velcro then. But it was cheap, tak kisahlaa nak try2.

    Then she had the snaps, so I bought more: pantiliner, medium/heavy/overnight pads :)

  8. Hanim Says:

    My only other entry on cloth pad. I guess this is more of Arianna's blog than mine :p

  9. ZOORA Says:

    from byk2 of yours ni .. which one you prefer best???

  10. Hanim Says:

    I like Etsy's & Molly (from Tiny Tapir) I rasa mahal la. Saffa serves it's purpose, esp medium/heavy/overnight pads :)

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