breakfast anyone?

Carb: garlic bread
Protein: cute fishballs
Veggie: mixed vege
Fruits: watermelon, mango

It's a gap of 3-4 hours between me leaving for work, and her waking up. Daddy prepares breakfast most of the time. These days, most of it ends up in the evening I can scrutinise what she has, or rather hasn't eaten (in this case, just the cute fishballs were eaten).

Grandparents are also cracking their head to feed her.

Her current 'okay' food:
  • Nasi ayam
  • Sushi rice - with a dash of gravy
  • Pisang goreng
  • Cucur
  • Roti canai
  • Cake
  • Noodles

But it's always the same, NEVER EVER repeat it too often (more than once, twice). She got tired of:
  • Chocolate flavouring
  • Chocolate icecream
  • Soup
  • Meehoon

She had duku langsat yesterday. She really is cucu Tok Wan. They're both big fans of local fruits: durian, mango, duku langsat, banana. He's officially her fruit provider *LOL (she goes to Tok Wan asking for fruits, instructing him to cut the fruits haha)


8 Response to "breakfast anyone?"

  1. mye Says:

    ya Allah...comelnya fishball tu! mana dapat?

  2. アリアナ Says:

    haah.. baru nak tanye fishball tu....

  3. ZOORA Says:

    cantiknya her food!!!!!!! so pretty .. tempting!!! zahraa lately is choosy too.. normally she ate the same thing over n over.. but if its more than 3 days.. tak nak dah..
    i understand when you said pening dah nak bagi makan apa..
    if i dont know what to feed her - i just gave her, her fav : boiled eggs and sausage (which i hate to give her sausage)

  4. suryati Says:

    a'ah lar hanim, baru nak tanya.... but dun think i can umpan micah wit that.

    i pun bila bangun pagi, pening kepala pikir nak masak per for b/fast n lunch, becoz Micah dunwan to take same dish then kalo today chicken soup ok, jgn ler repeat within same week, confirm kecewa

  5. Hanim Says:

    I found the cute fishball at Giant, KD. Eh.. wait.. I think Giant, KJ la.

    Aiyo Zura.. boiled egg leh mkn 4...then next week takmo dah.

    Yati, huhu I cannot repeat within 2 weeks. Tp byk failed recipes these days... coz she wants adult food haha.

  6. Hanim Says:

    I definitely cannot repeat food these days too.

    Arianna... hmm dari kecik takleh repeat food huwaaa... penat woo.

    Gals... got it from Giant, KJ. Cute kan?

    Zura... sama la anak kita.

    Micah tastebud lain... budak laki :p

    Mye.. dekat je dgn umah PIL u.

    Elly... Amir mkn byk tak? Ke still hooked on mummylicious EBM (coz supply byk lagi).

  7. nadnye Says:

    cute fish ball... mmg cute..
    bab makan mmg susah at this stage...tapi bila dah besar skit nanti okay...

  8. Hanim Says:

    Huhuhu, as of yesterday...dia dah bosan dgn fishball tu. Belum habis 1 paket pun.

    Nadnye... yeah can't wait for her to be less picky.

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