outdoor: Bird Park

I think this entry is long overdue. Ummi Salsabila did ask... but I was kinda busy that time to dig out photos. Apart from shopping complexes, restaurants, Atok&Wan's place... she goes to the park. But it has been awhile since we went to the park ever since she's sleeping through the night (ie 11pm/12am till 9/10am).

Here's what we did yesterday- Bird Park, KL.

DH decided not to teach individual bird's species *phew, I suck at that*. All were birds haha. I didn't BW although I did have the Beco with me, just in case. She had run running around, with us chasing after her. Daddy carried her whenever she got tired... all 3 of us were pretty tired after 2 hours :)

Still no luck with stroller.
The last time we used a stroller, coz I had a backache (must be collecting dust now). Pic was back in December, in a nearby park.
This is Ray... we should have a playdate again.


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  1. DNNA Says:

    Salam ...


    Sama la ... Apa jua species bird pun aku akan cakap bird jugak kat anak2 .. hahaha .. senang hidup :)

    Hang on, is that Hanna Isfahani i see in the last picture??? Ke pelanduk dua serupa?? Kalau betul, sampaikan salam aku kat dia ... Khabar kat dia, aku dah pindah rumah lama dulu kat PJ .. Hehehe ...

  2. Hanim Says:

    Salaam Dian,

    Hehe semua insect pun insect gak kan?
    Hanna la tu :) Insha Allah will sampaikan salam.

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