Rabbit Park

Drove up to Bukit Tinggi yesterday. I think the drive was longer than our stay there :p
RM3 per entry for adults, toddlers above 2.

Rabbit = Bunny.

No wonder Arianna was confused when we kept saying rabbits.

She insists on choosing her own outfit. So if she wears seluar rumah yg comot, what can u say? Thank God the colour matches.


2 Response to "Rabbit Park"

  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    We used to have rabbits when I was 17. Then one rabbit suddenly had 8 baby bunnies! Cute2, warna & susunan bulu pun lain2..ada satu tu doggy ears (droopy ears) sebab bapak rabbit mcm tu.

    Then it became too much (for me who had to feed and clean the droppings and all!) so eventually no rabbits. Pernah kena gigit jugak!

    Armand likes to choose his clothes too. When he was crazy about upin & ipin, he had only one - pyjamas. Siang2 pun dia pakai jugak!

  2. Hanim Says:

    oooo... so kena watch out what they watch...imagine pyjamas...menjerit la MIL i.

    i think once our cat dies (he's 14 yrs old!! tua sungguh for a cat kan), we might get a rabbit...hehe.

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