tea time bento

I have been preparing her tea time bento. I have packed almost daily, but never managed to take photos. I admit that blog entries are few and within. Before I blame Twitter (as most mom bloggers do), I blame it on the camera phone. Nokia N97 was a joy to use, and I quite love the camera (minus the awful flash). iPhone 3GS pics aren't quite the same.

The most successful bento: spaghetti bolognese. My efforts for Jap-style bento has not succeeded. In fact rice has failed. Pasta is better?

That seems simple enough :p - seeing she was into Spongebob. Must google more on bento... but maybe I should just give up forcing rice onto the toddler. After all, she eats rice with us- good enough.


conversation at 2am

Daughter woke up looking for Daddy...
"Daddy, Daddy. Water."

Mommy runs frantically from the next room...
"Daddy's at work. Nanti Daddy balik. Is it ok?"

Daughter took sips of water:

Mommy asks:
"Do you want mommy to sleep with you?"

Daughter says:
"No. No need."

And she's back to sleep... while I sync iPad for tomorrow's presentation.


midst of potty training

 Mothercare trainer pants - White - 3pk
Being me... I got tired of browsing the online stores, and decided RM70 was just too much for a training pants. So I went off to Mothercare and bought a pack of training undies (3 in a pack). And added another pack. RM63 for 3 undies, not too bad (10% off during the recent sale). 

I don't know if she had any accidents in school, but she hasn't had an accident at home. She had a major accident on Tok Ita, she was too engrossed playing with iPad and the abangs at that point. Not too bad. Her birthday weekend, she was totally dry. We put on diapers, but she insisted on going to the toilet everytime she wants to pee. Taking off the regular Mamipoko isn't too easy, wished we had stock up on dispo pants. I'm not ready for accidents outside.

And occasionally she refuses her undies, past 2 weekends and some weekdays she'll just cry and asked for diaper. But I noticed that it's always when she's tired. Don't know about how right are we, but we didn't push it. We just put on her diaper, but she remains dry during weekdays. 

We're doing this at her own pace. She wants Daddy to start potty training her, and she's totally comfortable to be potty trained in our neighbour's house (that's another story all together).


Maal Hijrah

to be read thrice during Asar, before Maghrib.

to be read thrice after Maghrib.

A bit pressed for time these days, with thesis and studying and gadgets (not in tuned yet for this current year of study). Will see you guys next year!