Daddy, I want to go to London and play snowman

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More on speech:

She has more words, forming sentences. Her favourite song would still be "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" with full lyrics. Her favourite phrase for Mommy is "Nanny, go ayay" ie "Mommy, go away". I have an independent toddler, I know.

So finally Daddy managed to decipher her long sentence:
"Daddy, I want to go to London and play snowman".

I guess she had the input from reaing Interval magazine ?II. I blame time sharing holiday. But I've to admit, she is growing up, too fast! I've to make enough money to keep up LOL.


unblogged eateries

Going through the photos on the phone,I realized that I didn't blog about:
- Darabif
- Teapot Cafe
- Tram Car
- Secret Recipe
- Wondermilk Cafe
- Sate Hj. Samuri
- Cake Sense

And she can say: "tak sedap". Boo to Secret Recipe's spaghetti bolognese.



We are doing loads of puzzles now, more on iPad than the physical ones. She does a lot of these in school, but I get annoyed (well DD too) when the physical puzzle pieces goes missing at home.

There's a particular one that she likes, something like the pic above- only on iPad. And she volunteered this:
"I like the frog".

That's among the best, clearest pronunciation ever. Our efforts are paying off!


speech progress past 1 year

The initial part of her life, struggling with breastfeeding and EBF. Then it was battle of the food. Past 1.5 years- it's her speech. And of late, potty training. But let's just recap what has happened past 1 year in terms of speech.

Dec/Jan: regular paedi referred to developmental paedi.
Jan: started Montessori.
May: progress was slow, paedi recommended speech therapy.
June: started speech therapy.
November: accidentally missed her follow up :p

First half of 2010, I was probably spending 1-2 hours on speech. We would read, do flashcards. She had just started school, and I still struggled with food. I was also teaching her on table manners, dressing herself, and how to be overt and defend herself.

Second half of 2010, we moved from physical flashcard, to iPad flashcards LOL. All these while, iPhone was handled by Mr. Daddy. iPad- I was more involved coz we're sharing it. We started speech therapy (which didn't work out because of the time factor). But going to speech therapy, u really have a different perspective to language.

Some of the points (and I harp upon):

  • Stick to proper language. Cakap utara was confusing her.
  • Speak c.l.e.a.r.l.y.
  • Speak s.l.o.w.l.y.
  • Make sure she mingles with kids her age.
  • Even though you understand her body language/signs, insist that she voice out her needs.
  • Be supportive, importantly don't doubt her. 
She'll go uh uh uh, and pointing at something- and she gets the stuff. NOT GOOD. She starts babbling, and you say: 'tak faham la what you're saying'. TOTAL NO NO. 

Second half of 2010 was a trying time. We had an overseas holiday, few local holidays, 3 hospital admissions in the household, 2 major exams. It disrupted the family dynamics, but I made sure she has more coaching compared to my own studying needs. Putting my daughter above everything else proved to be very rewarding. 

Picture taken during dad's cousin's grandchild's akikah. I think she was already thinking how hard her life is, kesian kan? Nah exaggerating, she wanted to jump into the pool.


potty training journey

I haven't updated this blog... I'm still busy PT, she has her off days, especially if it's an outing day with Mr. Daddy. Taking advice from mom-of-2-boys, I don't really push her if she wants diaper instead of panties.

Today is the first day of school, after a short break. She came back from school, diaper-less. Changed, and refuses diaper. Went to pee twice with Grampa, once with Mommy. And then she asked to poo. Yay to pooping in toilet!
Went to pee once with Mr. Daddy, just before putting on diaper for bed. We're getting there!!

Oh, for those who remembered my potty training entry long long ago... we did PT her to poop in her potty even before she was 1 year old. Then she felt it's for babies, and decided she only wanted adult toilet... and without those toilet seat for toddler! It was difficult, as it involved an adult lifting her to the toilet and holding her. So, she was pooping in diaper. It was failure on our side.

She got stickers as reward for pooping today. Which reminds me, gotta stock up on rewards.