potty training journey

I haven't updated this blog... I'm still busy PT, she has her off days, especially if it's an outing day with Mr. Daddy. Taking advice from mom-of-2-boys, I don't really push her if she wants diaper instead of panties.

Today is the first day of school, after a short break. She came back from school, diaper-less. Changed, and refuses diaper. Went to pee twice with Grampa, once with Mommy. And then she asked to poo. Yay to pooping in toilet!
Went to pee once with Mr. Daddy, just before putting on diaper for bed. We're getting there!!

Oh, for those who remembered my potty training entry long long ago... we did PT her to poop in her potty even before she was 1 year old. Then she felt it's for babies, and decided she only wanted adult toilet... and without those toilet seat for toddler! It was difficult, as it involved an adult lifting her to the toilet and holding her. So, she was pooping in diaper. It was failure on our side.

She got stickers as reward for pooping today. Which reminds me, gotta stock up on rewards.


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