big people food - white pepper fried rice

Ingredients: white rice, mixed vegetables, broccoli, chicken, sukiyaki beef, egg, white pepper, ground black pepper

Verdict: too spicy for her. White pepper and black pepper should be used separately.


mango kurau

3 oz kurau @ threat fin fillet
2 oz mango
1 large tomato
2 cloves garlic
olive oil

Saute in olive garlic till fragrant
Cook the mango and tomato till soft
Add in the fillet


Beef with Broccoli

4 oz broccoli
2 oz minced beef
olive oil
sesame oil

Heat a little oil over medium heat
Cook the broccoli till soft
Add in the minced meat
Flavour with basil, oregano and thyme

~ I served it with boiled potato. She DISLIKES potatoes.
~ Otherwise, this is a great dish! I finally found the combination for a palatable beef dish.


Rice with Green Olive

4 oz cooked rice
3 oz mixed vegetables
2 oz minced beef
1 beef tomato
1 clove garlic
5 olives (pitted or stuffed)
olive oil

Heat oil and lightly fry the garlic
Add the olive and tomato
Once tomato is soft, add the minced beef and mixed vegetables
Mix in the rice


shell pasta, again

Ingredients: shell pasta, beef, chicken, mixed vegetables, oregano, basil, hard boiled egg for extra protein

Verdict: Arianna had the egg white (crumbles the egg yolk), picks the pasta and veggie. Refuses chicken (will try minced chicken again)

~ It's still in the fridge 3 days later. Time to bin it


Breastfeeding past 1 year

Funny, I was just thinking about BF, and I found this in my inbox today. It's from


"I am looking for a source of good, non-biased scientifically backed-up info on certain aspects of breastfeeding/breastmilk, and was wondering if you could help.. My daughter has just turned one, and is still fixated on breastfeeding. Although I instinctively think this is probably OK, I could do with something to backup my feelings, and to help me with all the explaining I have to do! Amelia has always been an avid breastfeeder (as well as a highneed, non-sleeping baby), and took a while to take to solids. She now eats fairly well, although variably, and is able to chew, fingerfeed, drink from a cup etc. so I am not worried about her development in that way. I am concerned, however, that she will still be getting adequate nutrition from now onwards however as her diet is somewhat unpredictable, and at a recent visit to a pediatrician I was told that breastmilk is nutritionally useless after 1 year! I have read all sort of things from all sorts of websites, and could really do with some info that I can back up with 'science' or whatever it takes to convince people that what I am doing is OK. I am also assuming that her fixation with my breasts will recede with time, and that I am not encouraging problems by continuing to allow her to indulge in her favourite thing! ”

Regardless of what other people think, you will probably be breastfeeding your daughter for quite some time. It is still nutritious. Nothing magical happens to your milk at 1 year. Is your child malnourished? If your child does not appear malnourished to all these people around you, then it is none of their business what you are feeding her. You shouldn’t have to do all this “explaining”. I have many friends with younger kids, and I have no idea of what their kids eat – I guess I never really see them eat. Do you have to explain all the time because your 1 year-old is nursing in public all the time? If this is case, then maybe it would be wise to start setting limits with your daughter, such as “we only do nummies at home”. This worked well for our kids at this age. Let’s face it, it’s no fun to get all those disapproving stares at the mall.
Regarding scientific data, I have a feeling this won’t help you convince anyone of anything, but you could just tell them that the American Academy of Pediatrics new recommendation is this: “It is recommended that breastfeeding continue for at least 12 months, and thereafter for as long as mutually desired”. A “google” search will get you the full recommendations if you want to read them for yourself.
Dr. Jim


big people food - beef spaghetti

10 oz spaghetti - cooked al dente
4 oz minced beef
3 oz mixed vegetables
2 oz broccoli - steamed
1 onion
olive oil

Heat the oil over medium heat and saute the onion till translucent
Add the beef, stirring constantly
Mix in the mixed vegetables and broccoli
Season with basil and oregano
Toss in the pasta


complaints regarding Lactaequip Medical and Medela's reply

Dear Sir,
I'm a medical doctor and also a fully breastfeeding mom to my one year old daughter. I'm using Medela's Pump in Style Advanced since day 5 post partum and have been successful in exclusive and fully breastfeeding till now thanks to it.
I had a mishap when I dropped my power supply. The shop that sold me the pump (The First Few Years, Malaysia) didn't have any in stock. I went to Lactaequip Medical and the person there wasn't helpful.
1. Said I bought the pump from unauthorised Medela importer. Lactaequip is the only Medela authorised seller in Malaysia. She said my warranty is not under Medela, but only the shop that sold me the pump
2. The power supply was sold to me at MYR$240, double than what the other shop charged. But since I had no choice, I had to buy it. I checked on the website, it's only US$20. The exchange rate is only US$1=MYR$3.50.
3. I went to The First Few Years shop a month later, they have restocked, and they sold it for MYR$120. They apparently originate from Singapore, but they are situated in a busy shopping complex, and carries a wide variety of Medela products.
I am practising in a breastfeeding friendly clinic, and play an active role in promoting breastfeeding (counselling, giving talks). I promote Medela based on my friends and my own experience.
I feel cheated by Lactaequip Medical. And their unfriendliness bordering rudeness is uncalled for. Being ripped off for a simple item/not getting help, making me doubt how my patients would get spareparts/support for Medela pumps.
Please clarify regarding sale of Medela pumps in Malaysia, and if the prices are regulated.
Thank you.

Their reply:

Dear Dr Taha
I am sorry to hear about your problem and would like to apologize that you have not received a reply.
We offer the following guarantee:Medela provides a worldwide guarantee on its products for the period of 1 year from the date of purchase. In the event of a defect in material or workmanship, Medela will repair or (at Medela's option) replace this product with either the same or a similar type without charge. Proof of purchase is necessary.
Remember, some products may be available in selected countries only and there is no guarantee that the same type is available in a country other than where the product was originally purchased.
Any damage caused by improper handling, incorrect voltage etc. are not covered by the guarantee. For hygiene reasons, Medela products are single user products, use by more than one person voids the guarantee.
Since you dropped your power supply the replacement is not covered by warranty.
Point 1:Since the Medela guarantee is worldwide Lactaequip should handle warranty cases even if you buy the Medela product in a shop.
Point 2 + 3:We only give price recommendations to our distributors but have not influence in the pricing as different countries have different import costs, sales taxes etc.
However, I will ask Lactaequip to check if the price of MYR$ 240 is correct.
I will keep you informed.
Best regards
Claudia Disler
International Sales & Business Development
Medela AGMedical Technology
Lättichstrasse 4b6341 Baar / Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)41 769 51 48
Fax +41 (0)41 769 51 01
Skype: mchisbdclaudiadisler


big people food - spaghetti olio

16 oz spaghetti
4 oz canned tuna - drain the brine
olive oil
ground black pepper
3 cloves of garlic

Bring a large pot of water to boil and cook the pasta for 8-10 minutes (usually we add a little bit of salt, but since Arianna is eating it, I omit the salt)
Heat the oil over medium heat. Add the garlic and saute for 2-3 minutes (usually I use olive oil and butter)
Add the tuna till season with black pepper
Take off from heat and mix in the pasta


Sup Tulang

Used the ribs (the last of the Qurban meat) and sup bunjut.
Added potatoes and celery stalks.
Took some out before adding the salt and cili padi.

Had some leftover gravy.. so cooked it with shell pasta and mixed vegetables.
~ LO did have a taste of the meat after Mr. Daddy added cili padi (I didn't realise there were cili padi!). Pity Arianna, she sucked on 3 cubes of ice and mango to rid of the cili padi heat.
~ No tummy upset, thank God.


reverse cycling

So many new things going on since she has passed her one year old mark.
She used to take 16-20 oz EBM over 9 hours (8 working hours, 1 hour of travelling to and fro). Once I had to prepare 28 oz for the 14 hours I'm away.
When she started solids, her intake reduced to just 12 oz ie 3 bottles during the day.
When she was 11 months, she was talking 8-10 oz (2 bottles)
At 12 months, down to 6-8 oz (2 bottles)
At 13 months, way down...
on Monday she took only 4 oz (threw 3 oz away)
on Tuesday, 2.5 oz
yesterday, 2.5 oz.

Let's see how much she takes today.
(I know the amount she's taking is significantly less than a FM fed baby, but looking at her growth chart, she's definitely not undernourished *read more on amount of milk)

All these while, my pumping session was only twice a day. I added a midnight pumping session during her growth spurts. However I've been pumping ZERO oz (not even a measurable half oz) in the past 2 days because of her cluster feedings throughout the night. I skipped this morning's pump (bad, bad)... plus I was late. Could this be reverse cycling?

Some weekends, despite being with me all the time, she doesn't demand for feed. I can't even force BF. She eats well though, so I'm not worried. She can BF at 10am, and only BF again after 5pm. I think she's reverse cycling, yippee. No stress on not pumping enough milk!


BF - relactation

Simple title... broad topic.

This Kellymom link is for reestablishing lactation. I know some moms have used FM, only to realise that BF is the way to go. There are steps to achieve this, all is not lost. In this case, I know the father is keen for a breastfed baby (you know who you are)
no need to wake up and prepare a bottle
less colicky baby
better immunity for the baby (passive immunity)
easier on the pockets too!

Galactagogues are available (read more):

Of course not forgetting;
milkmaid tea
akar herbanika

Urut or back massage has its role. I know it from medical point of view i.e. from Lactation Course, and also mak bidan's view. I must find this urat susu and the significant anatomy.


Sole Marinara

4 oz shell pasta - cooked al dente
3 oz mixed vegetables
2 oz sole fish fillet (ikan sebelah)
2 beef tomato
1 clove of garlic
olive oil

Cook the cubed tomatoes with basil, set aside
Heat up the oil in a skillet over medium heat
Saute the garlic, stirring constantly and add the veggie
Add the fish fillet and tomato
Season with basil, and mix in the pasta


Cheese Pasta with Red Snapper

4 oz spiral pasta - cooked al dente
3 oz mixed vegetables
2 oz red snapper fillet
2 tomato - cubed
1 slice cheddar cheese
dried oregano
dried basil

Cook tomato with oregano and basil
Add the mixed vegetables and fish
Melt in the cheese
Mix in the pasta, coating it well

~ LO doesn't like it that much... too tomatoey? (mom's gonna kill me... broken English *LOL*)


Egg Spiral

4 oz vegeroni spiral pasta - cooked al dente
3 oz mixed vegetables
1 medium egg
meat broth

Cook the veggie with meat broth
Simmer and add in the pasta
Add the egg

~ I had 10 minutes to cook (was running late), too simple for her tastebud.


Groupper and Beef

Ingredients : spaghetti, mixed vegetables, sukiyaki beef, goupper fillet


13 months

She has turned 13 months and getting bored. She wants to walk everywhere, so no more pretty dresses in the mall (don't want her to scrape her knees).
Since she loves the slide, we have to find a place, the outdoor one can be dirty after rainfall, and only when the weather permits. We tried out Kizsports. I'm thinking whether I'd want to have structured play there or Tumbletots. We are bringing her outdoors too, don't be mistaken. We've brought her to Lembah Kiara Park, Athinahapan playground. I love the fact that she loves the outdoor, but I want something indoor - something at home? Or our garden?


Garden Pasta

4 oz vegeroni spiral pasta
1 oz vegetables for soup (Emborg)
1 oz peas
1 oz red pepper
1 oz cauliflower
2 oz spanish mackerel

Cook the fish with red pepper and vegetables
Add basil and oregano to taste
Mix in the pasta
~ Definitely not her favourite :(
~ This is the last of spanish mackerel. No more buying tenggiri for LO
~ Apparently this colourful pasta is vegeroni spirals. Have been using it, but never knew it's called that.


Chicken Soup

* It started as a chicken soup, but ended up being AIO. LO can't feed herself soup yet.

Ingredients for soup:
3 oz chicken - deboned
1 oz peas
3 oz vegetables for soup (Emborg)
vegetable stock

~ Served it with brown rice
~ She doesn't like it: either the brown rice or the chicken (most likely suspect)


Cheesy Peasy Scrambled Egg

1 oz peas
1 slice cheddar cheese
1 medium egg
fresh milk

**She can take fresh cow's milk!!**
This is the second attempt cooking with fresh milk. What a relief!