reverse cycling

So many new things going on since she has passed her one year old mark.
She used to take 16-20 oz EBM over 9 hours (8 working hours, 1 hour of travelling to and fro). Once I had to prepare 28 oz for the 14 hours I'm away.
When she started solids, her intake reduced to just 12 oz ie 3 bottles during the day.
When she was 11 months, she was talking 8-10 oz (2 bottles)
At 12 months, down to 6-8 oz (2 bottles)
At 13 months, way down...
on Monday she took only 4 oz (threw 3 oz away)
on Tuesday, 2.5 oz
yesterday, 2.5 oz.

Let's see how much she takes today.
(I know the amount she's taking is significantly less than a FM fed baby, but looking at her growth chart, she's definitely not undernourished *read more on amount of milk)

All these while, my pumping session was only twice a day. I added a midnight pumping session during her growth spurts. However I've been pumping ZERO oz (not even a measurable half oz) in the past 2 days because of her cluster feedings throughout the night. I skipped this morning's pump (bad, bad)... plus I was late. Could this be reverse cycling?

Some weekends, despite being with me all the time, she doesn't demand for feed. I can't even force BF. She eats well though, so I'm not worried. She can BF at 10am, and only BF again after 5pm. I think she's reverse cycling, yippee. No stress on not pumping enough milk!


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