complaints regarding Lactaequip Medical and Medela's reply

Dear Sir,
I'm a medical doctor and also a fully breastfeeding mom to my one year old daughter. I'm using Medela's Pump in Style Advanced since day 5 post partum and have been successful in exclusive and fully breastfeeding till now thanks to it.
I had a mishap when I dropped my power supply. The shop that sold me the pump (The First Few Years, Malaysia) didn't have any in stock. I went to Lactaequip Medical and the person there wasn't helpful.
1. Said I bought the pump from unauthorised Medela importer. Lactaequip is the only Medela authorised seller in Malaysia. She said my warranty is not under Medela, but only the shop that sold me the pump
2. The power supply was sold to me at MYR$240, double than what the other shop charged. But since I had no choice, I had to buy it. I checked on the website, it's only US$20. The exchange rate is only US$1=MYR$3.50.
3. I went to The First Few Years shop a month later, they have restocked, and they sold it for MYR$120. They apparently originate from Singapore, but they are situated in a busy shopping complex, and carries a wide variety of Medela products.
I am practising in a breastfeeding friendly clinic, and play an active role in promoting breastfeeding (counselling, giving talks). I promote Medela based on my friends and my own experience.
I feel cheated by Lactaequip Medical. And their unfriendliness bordering rudeness is uncalled for. Being ripped off for a simple item/not getting help, making me doubt how my patients would get spareparts/support for Medela pumps.
Please clarify regarding sale of Medela pumps in Malaysia, and if the prices are regulated.
Thank you.

Their reply:

Dear Dr Taha
I am sorry to hear about your problem and would like to apologize that you have not received a reply.
We offer the following guarantee:Medela provides a worldwide guarantee on its products for the period of 1 year from the date of purchase. In the event of a defect in material or workmanship, Medela will repair or (at Medela's option) replace this product with either the same or a similar type without charge. Proof of purchase is necessary.
Remember, some products may be available in selected countries only and there is no guarantee that the same type is available in a country other than where the product was originally purchased.
Any damage caused by improper handling, incorrect voltage etc. are not covered by the guarantee. For hygiene reasons, Medela products are single user products, use by more than one person voids the guarantee.
Since you dropped your power supply the replacement is not covered by warranty.
Point 1:Since the Medela guarantee is worldwide Lactaequip should handle warranty cases even if you buy the Medela product in a shop.
Point 2 + 3:We only give price recommendations to our distributors but have not influence in the pricing as different countries have different import costs, sales taxes etc.
However, I will ask Lactaequip to check if the price of MYR$ 240 is correct.
I will keep you informed.
Best regards
Claudia Disler
International Sales & Business Development
Medela AGMedical Technology
Lättichstrasse 4b6341 Baar / Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)41 769 51 48
Fax +41 (0)41 769 51 01
Skype: mchisbdclaudiadisler


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hi, i also have complaint on lactaequip in malaysia. i called up this morning to check if i can purchase the adapter for my PISA which i bought in US. they are selling it at RM500 just because the PISA comes from US, if i bought it local, the adapter yeap cost at RM250.. this is crazy!!

  2. Hanim Says:

    Dear Anon,

    Another email to Medela perhaps?

  3. Siti Says:

    Salam kak hanim,

    nk tanye if beli medela kt US, mmg xboleh pakai ke warranty dia kt Malaysia? a bit confuse la..

    n anyone knows where to buy international adapter for medela FS?

  4. Hanim Says:

    Salaam Siti,

    According to the email, Lactaequip should provide service since its worldwide guarantee. I cari barang2 Medela kat First Few Years, Curve je. Ada gak yg jual barang2 Medela. Can try asking them & Lactaequip.

  5. Keisya Says:

    I googled for Medela spare parts and jumped into your blog. Read this:

    Pelik kan, tulis dekat situ ada jual dekat First Few Years, tp tak recognised pulak as authorised reseller.

  6. Hanim Says:

    Hi Keisya... this was way back. Sombong sungguh Lactaequip in answering my call, and how they attended to my DH (we are really friendly people, so we're not making this up).

    That's the reason why I emailed to the international office for the sake of other pumping moms. Good to know things have improved.

    Lacta Equip did call but I was seeing a patient. Told them to call back later, but they never did. Whatever lah.

  7. Moms Treasurechest Says:

    So lactaequip charged higher for pumps that we didn't buy from them?
    I bought mine from online seller which is us version. My seller says I can go to lactaequip for any problem after her warranty expires in 3mths.
    Now I m kinda in dilemma... As u know is not cheap even purchase online.

  8. Maiza Says:

    Hi all,

    Found this.. I think this will help u why Lacta Equip charge more than normal price.. & refer to After Sale Servics

  9. lina Says:


    Hi dr Hanim. I medela FS user sudah hampir 2 tahun.

    before i beli FS i ada buat a few research on web/blog. compare with Lactaequip, mmg sgt MAHAL! then ada 1 blog tu if i tak salah, Lilkai something2, them sell FS with 1699 also with Lactaequip warranty. And they Claim if we bought any set Medela without Lactaequip, we will be charged DOUBLE PRICE for service charge and the price of accessories!

    I terus pick up phone and called lactaequip and they explain.

    "if we buy a pump to direct from USA, UK and online seller of Malaysia, we are not going to warranty than Lactaequip. but we can deliver pump for service, they receive. AND, charge and accessories remain the same price! only when we had lactaequip warrnty, we are free in 1 year (its only for motor pump!), they will be charged the same when the warranty runs out!"

    so there is no term be charged double price!

    so I made the decision to buy a pump from an online seller offer the affordable price and warranty provided.

    Lastly, I bought that from e mums dad shop. only rm 1350! they may give free gift & free post again! thats mean he did not make a profit but support Mom's BF! Nice people for me!

    And, it's almost 2 years, I do not have any problem and I do not need pam on any service! so to me, before purchasing, pray that we get nice pump.

  10. Hanim Says:

    Mom's Treasurechest... my pump was in storage since June 2009 till recently. Thank god all ok. I didn't think about the after sale service :l

    Maiza... thank you. Dah baca. Mine is from Swiss, according to what I got inside the box.

    Lina... precious precious pump! Jaga elok2... mine ok, cuma adapter tu je yg rosak. Memang jaga coz tawar hati dengan Lactaequip's price.

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