BF - relactation

Simple title... broad topic.

This Kellymom link is for reestablishing lactation. I know some moms have used FM, only to realise that BF is the way to go. There are steps to achieve this, all is not lost. In this case, I know the father is keen for a breastfed baby (you know who you are)
no need to wake up and prepare a bottle
less colicky baby
better immunity for the baby (passive immunity)
easier on the pockets too!

Galactagogues are available (read more):

Of course not forgetting;
milkmaid tea
akar herbanika

Urut or back massage has its role. I know it from medical point of view i.e. from Lactation Course, and also mak bidan's view. I must find this urat susu and the significant anatomy.


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