tea time bento

I have been preparing her tea time bento. I have packed almost daily, but never managed to take photos. I admit that blog entries are few and within. Before I blame Twitter (as most mom bloggers do), I blame it on the camera phone. Nokia N97 was a joy to use, and I quite love the camera (minus the awful flash). iPhone 3GS pics aren't quite the same.

The most successful bento: spaghetti bolognese. My efforts for Jap-style bento has not succeeded. In fact rice has failed. Pasta is better?

That seems simple enough :p - seeing she was into Spongebob. Must google more on bento... but maybe I should just give up forcing rice onto the toddler. After all, she eats rice with us- good enough.


conversation at 2am

Daughter woke up looking for Daddy...
"Daddy, Daddy. Water."

Mommy runs frantically from the next room...
"Daddy's at work. Nanti Daddy balik. Is it ok?"

Daughter took sips of water:

Mommy asks:
"Do you want mommy to sleep with you?"

Daughter says:
"No. No need."

And she's back to sleep... while I sync iPad for tomorrow's presentation.


midst of potty training

 Mothercare trainer pants - White - 3pk
Being me... I got tired of browsing the online stores, and decided RM70 was just too much for a training pants. So I went off to Mothercare and bought a pack of training undies (3 in a pack). And added another pack. RM63 for 3 undies, not too bad (10% off during the recent sale). 

I don't know if she had any accidents in school, but she hasn't had an accident at home. She had a major accident on Tok Ita, she was too engrossed playing with iPad and the abangs at that point. Not too bad. Her birthday weekend, she was totally dry. We put on diapers, but she insisted on going to the toilet everytime she wants to pee. Taking off the regular Mamipoko isn't too easy, wished we had stock up on dispo pants. I'm not ready for accidents outside.

And occasionally she refuses her undies, past 2 weekends and some weekdays she'll just cry and asked for diaper. But I noticed that it's always when she's tired. Don't know about how right are we, but we didn't push it. We just put on her diaper, but she remains dry during weekdays. 

We're doing this at her own pace. She wants Daddy to start potty training her, and she's totally comfortable to be potty trained in our neighbour's house (that's another story all together).


Maal Hijrah

to be read thrice during Asar, before Maghrib.

to be read thrice after Maghrib.

A bit pressed for time these days, with thesis and studying and gadgets (not in tuned yet for this current year of study). Will see you guys next year!


beginning potty training

Snap EZE Eco- 2T
Imse Vimse- medium

Monril Training Pants (Restocked)

I got Monril few months ago, but it's so thin that it's almost like not wearing a training pants. I got it from Tiny Tapir.

Training Pants
Starbunz Super Undies
This is available at Tiny Tapir too. But Lil Danzell has blergh colours left. That polka dot one is no longer stocked in Lil Danzell. I forgot what other online CD stores... time to google and find pretty training pants.


speech therapy


I think I first mentioned about speech therapy back in July. Signs have been there, but when 2 year-old speech milestone was again not achieved, which at the same time hampering my efforts to potty train, we were referred to a developmental paediatrician.

I was given a list of speech therapist/ centre. Most operate only during office hours, and charge for first consultation... hmm kind of a rip off because I only wanted to check out the place and see if the aura is okay with my baby. PPUKM (we are still fond of by the name of HUKM) would be a good place too, as recommended by my fellow paediatrics lecturer... but I'm sorry, I hate the waiting time, I hate to queue, I hate driving so far. Plus DH has medical benefits :p. So I googled and found Shine from a humble blogger mom.

I only brought Sofea here, and since she took to the speech therapist almost immediately, I made further appointments with her. I trusted my instincts :)

  • first consultation can be done on alternate Saturdays
  • they did not charge for the firstconsultation
  • therapies during office hours (9-5)
  • they allowed me to replace therapy session that I missed
  • it costs RM120 per session. Therapy is once a week
  • you can reschedule if unforeseen circumstances arises (provided you call in earlier)

We started, and we stopped :( When we started, I had my FIL to bring her, and I meet them there. Then he went to UK, and got admitted to IJN, and then recuperating (no driving), after which- again readmitted. And I had no more leave to spare (putting aside for my exams). Felt like a bad mom *crying softly*.

People may not appreciate the speech therapy... true Sofea doesn't seem to talk much during therapy despite much coaxing, guidance, prompts (feel free to add more adjectives here). She's just like a sponge, she learns... and she practises with mommy dearest at home. I think she has some confidence issues. I realise that now.

  • she speaks softly, almost to a whisper
  • she knows her ABC, but it tooks her 6 months later to repeat it at school
  • only when she has fully memorised a song, that she'll scream it out loud
  • she refuse to speak much with daddy, but babbles with mommy lots
  • if you ask her to repeat what she 'pelat'ly said... she cries in exasperation

Ok, my oncall period is almost over. I think I should get back to sleep and enjoy my weekend. Will blog more later.




I'm such a dweeb :p
Cepat la iPad OS update so that I can make those folders.
3 fingers, tap twice on screen
Thanks Sofea, you made mommy google that.


iPad vs. netbook

I'm no gadget freak, but I'd buy something that's practical. These pics are actually from my FB from last year and this year.

That Dell netbook is almost 2 years old now, had it for as long as I've been blogging. Took it during our cuti-cuti Malaysia, when I went for entrance exam/interview, brought it along to study for exam. And that netbook in Starbucks, well that was actually in Pantai when I was waiting for my appointment with the doctors. That was my birthday gift when I joined 3 series club :D

And iPad.. gotta thank @Wieraz who came back from US for summer holidays. I got the 32Gb with wifi. Mid range iPad, because the initial target was for the lil one, it wasn't for me. Still plenty of space despite apps bouncing off the screen, waiting for OS upgrade so I can put things into folders- just like the iPhone.

Keyboard - qwerty is good on Dell, the on screen keyboard takes no time to get used to
Screen - sharp touchscreen on iP
Speed - unfair coz that Intel Atom ws 2 years ago, compared to the powerful A4 chip
Apps - more kiddies apps on iP
Textbooks/lecture notes - no difference, although I quite like iPad a tad better
Connectivity, battery life - almost the same. That bit, ask our personal networking guy :p

I keep it simple, I make do with whichever gadget I bring along. Eg: Blogger doesn't run well on iPad, can't run flash. On the other hand, holding a netbook with the hinge is kinda scary with a toddler around.

That's my two cents' worth- from a mommy's point of view.


Al Diafah, Seri Petaling

Wow, this was last year's  entry... I think we only went once, or twice after that. Look at her, still a baby! 
In the mood of my birthday lunch tomorrow, DH has given me a link to Al Diafah's review hehehe.

Restaurant Al Diafah
No. 45, Jalan Radin Anum, Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 9059 6237, 03 9053 6239 

Restaurant Al Diafah
Restaurant Al Diafah
Restaurant Al Diafah, Mendy Lamb Rice


hospitals in November

I was born here.
My daughter was born here.
And she was here when I was taking my exam in HUKM.
Life is full of irony.

Good thing is: H1N1 screening came back negative.
Poor baby had a nasal swab *snort snort*



Haha ok we don't do that, but iPad is really versatile and I can just prop it up with anything, eg with small pillow when I'm reading in bed.

For those who have been using iPhone and have kids conquering the phone, would appreciate the bigger screen on iPad. Ok, I admit it, we're one of those geeks who have plenty of free and purchased apps for the toddler. Of course there are some skeptics, but it's not that she's using iPhone for long period, nor is she hooked on it. That's not the first thing she looks for in the morning, nor does she get withdrawal symptoms not playing with it. (Non believers should stop reading, NOW).

I think it is good when she does her anagram, spelling, colouring on iPad coz it has a bigger screen. I have to admit it's easier to read my textbook on the iPad rather than on the iPhone. I love that I can put my PDF textbooks on iBook and DH purchased iSilo too. Grainger (2 volumes, 5 inches thick) and Dahnert (1.5 inches thick) are 2 essential textbooks for my upcoming professional exam (insha Allah)... and it's too easy to have it in electronic form rather than lugging it around *yay*.

A typical situation would be: mom uses iPad, daughter uses iPhone, but mom has to take a call, passes the iPad to her. And mom gets to capture a beautiful, geeky moment in her toddler's life:


Postman Pat

Postman Pat
Postman Pat 
Postman Pat and his black and white cat,
Early in the morning, just as day is dawning, he picks up all his post bags in his van. 

Postman Pat 
Postman Pat 
Postman Pat and his black and white cat,
All the birds are singing as the day is just begining, 
Pat feels he's a really happy man. 

Everybody knows his bright red van,
All his friends will smile as he waves to greet them, maybe, 
You will never be sure, they'll be knock (knock knock) 
ring, (ring) 
Letters through your door! he he he! 

Postman Pat 
Postman Pat 
Postman Pat and his black and white cat, 
All the birds are singing, as the day is just beginning, 
Pat feels he's a really happy man. 
Pat feels he's a really happy man. 
(slowly) Pat feels he's a really happy man.

Ironic, Mr. Daddy watched it as a kid (probably a hit on BBC just like Teletubbies hehe), and now little missy is watching it too. Same old Pat, same old British truck.


sira pisang

I love google (yet again). So I had googled up pisang abu and gula kabung before going to the market. So what good came out of it?

Sira Pisang51759923.jpg
Banana is good for you. Although in radiation physics- banana contributes some amount of radioactivity due to the potassium, it definitely is a good type of radiation. You do get radiation from cosmic, terrestrial, and of course from medical imaging.




Interesting name, haven't heard it before. But of course by googling... wujud rupanya images daun gandarusa ni. Don't you just love google?


Galaxy Tab vs iPad

Since this browser was left on my desktop, thought I should share the beautiful picture too :p I don't fancy the android phone, the on screen keyboard was more crappy than the already-crappy-for-fat fingers iPhone keyboard. I love the iPad, although I realised I haven't blogged anything about it. It's fun and the number of iPads are still growing in my workplace LOL.


Al Fatihah to my late grandma

Picture from my aunt's blog. Just stumbled upon her entry

Hajah Zainah binti Zubir, passed away on the 15th October 2010, on a beautiful Friday. 

Thank you what you've done, thank you for giving birth to Bapak, for keeping the family together.

Insha Allah we'll meet again in Jannah.


curry mee

My camera doesn't do justice to the bright red, oily gravy. Load of tauhu, brinjal, long beans, chicken and kerang served up with the mee. Yummy! I still can't finish the huge portion. TQ Mr. Daddy for tapau-ing for me.
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acute tonsilitis

Ok this is a googled image of Unasyn syrup. If any of my doc friends are asking..... NO I haven't moved to Pfizer, or any drug company for that matter. My kid just have to take the original drugs, not the generic ones.

She was back at school last week, however on Monday she came back with runny nose. Spiked temperature throughout the night, scared shite outta the grandparents (as I went to work yesterday). We search high and low for our paediatrician, thank God he works (only one night a week) at Taman Desa Medical Centre (apart from our usual haunt Pantai Bangsar, and even his clinic in Sri Petaling).

Syrup Nurofen (ibuprofen)
Syrup Panadol (paracetamol)

... didn't work of course. Most were spitted out. I guess the next step once she's better ....

The 2010 flu vaccination has incorporated H1N1 strain inside too. And these vaccinations have different viral strains, made every 6 months tailor-made to the pattern of current viral strain. Means you have to take it every few months... not the kind of vaccination where you take only once a lifetime. I have a feeling I've been missing out on it coz Prof was chasing us to get it :-pp


allergic to cats

My poor daughter has an allergy: to cats. Her cough is not responding to just MDI Salbutamol 'Ventolin. She's on steroids for the time being *sob sob*.

And now she has superimposed bacterial infection, thus 2nd time ever on antibiotics. Azithromycin is a daily dose. That's already a huge struggle. Suppository Diclofenac 'Voltaren' works, as usual other oral meds don't work (due to spit ups most likely).


Pachelbel - Canon In D Major. Best version.


new chefs

Let's see if I can name what we had during one of the iftar:
stirfry kailan, mushroom with egg, sambal tomato, sambal belacan, sambal telur puyuh (param Subang Jaya), stirfry mixed vege, ayam sambal, udang masak lemak, lakse (regular makcik in our area).

No pics of us *censored la dalam rumah*. But just take a look at Mr. Daddy's plate!

Spaghetti Carbonara:
Qiqi made this... the 3 kiddies ate at 6pm+, it was really yummy.


param @ pasar Ramadhan

Now this term, I only came across this year by twitter mommas. Param as I know, was an actor who passed away last year. Even on 1st Ramadhan, it has made the news. And again few days later for causing unearthly jam in my neighborhood with people blocking my way (hello, jangan la berhenti di petak kuning lepas run the yellow light).

Guiltily I did went once 10th day into fasting month as I wanted to get some murtabak for DH.
Verdict: bawang basi *I told you so!*

Traffic seems better as they promised in The Star statement. Balai polis bergerak was there, and they seem to adhere to the site allocation. Only that now the pavements are really oily and smelly during daytime. Hope they'll do something for the pavement after this. Such a shame.