param @ pasar Ramadhan

Now this term, I only came across this year by twitter mommas. Param as I know, was an actor who passed away last year. Even on 1st Ramadhan, it has made the news. And again few days later for causing unearthly jam in my neighborhood with people blocking my way (hello, jangan la berhenti di petak kuning lepas run the yellow light).

Guiltily I did went once 10th day into fasting month as I wanted to get some murtabak for DH.
Verdict: bawang basi *I told you so!*

Traffic seems better as they promised in The Star statement. Balai polis bergerak was there, and they seem to adhere to the site allocation. Only that now the pavements are really oily and smelly during daytime. Hope they'll do something for the pavement after this. Such a shame.


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