speech delay

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Age:Warning Signs:Check Here
18 to 24 months
  • at 18 months, isn't saying at least six to ten words

  • by 18 to 20 months, isn't pointing out things of interest, such as a bird or airplane overhead

  • by 20 months, isn't making at least six consonant sounds

  • at 21 months, doesn't respond to simple directions

  • by 21 months, doesn't pretend with her dolls or herself (brushing her hair, feeding her doll, etc.)

  • at 24 months, can't join two words together

  • at 24 months, doesn't know the function of common household objects — toothbrush, telephone, fork, etc.

  • by 24 months, doesn't imitate actions or words of others

  • at 2 years, doesn't point to body parts when asked



Each kid develops differently, and milestone are just to gauge a child's own development. I remember how taxing it was to memorise it for Paeds rotation/ exam :p

But there are warning sign which paediatrician would look out for. At 18 months, she has few words, but she wasn't picking up words that much. At that point, she was a full time stay at home toddler (FTSAHT). We stopped the weekly Kizsport Little Walker classes because of H1N1 epidemic at that time (not to mention I'm getting exposed to H1N1+ve cases all the time at work *sigh*).

The next follow up with her paedi, which was at 2 years old... we went through her development and realised that she's still not picking up words, let alone stringing 2 words. Expressive language development was delayed, but receptive language development is at par. She took 2 step commands well e.g. "take the ball, bring to mommy". We were then referred to a developmental paediatrician.


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  1. TRIPLETSplusONE Says:

    my elder two didnt show any sign of talking,we were not sure was it due to their prematurity or lack of xposed (they were going for lil crawler then walker at the kidzports), we were worried if it was due to their prematurity development tat causes their delay hence we decided to send for preskool at 22months. slowly he started picking up more vocab but we notice my gal hardly talks despite the vast vocab she knows whenever we ask her (by pointing at pics in the book she cn easily tell us wat is,just refused to talk i guess). up till now athirah doesnt talk as much as harith but when she speaks,it will be in full sentence, she surprised us when suddenly came out to my parents n said "hi guys!, watcha u doing?"

    uzair is already two but is not talking xceptt for the word "nnnnnoo and nnnnnak!!!!. he hv no prob understanding instruction though. and makes lots of sounds whenevr the wiggles is on,singing n dancing to the songs. a lil worried tat he is not talking yet, bt was told my father in law started talking when he was four! n now rather successful. i guess its genetic then tat my kids start talking late.

  2. Hanim Says:

    Hehe.. thanks for sharing.

    I guess the reason why we had to intervene is because she was getting frustrated. She has words...just not confident enough to say it I think.

    Alhamdulillah she's improving with 2-3 words strung together.. but 'pelat' la plak.

  3. Farah Says:

    thanks for sharing...

    my son pon still tak pandai buat ayat lagi..die prefer tunjuk ape barang yang die nak sambil sebut "tu" " tu"...contoh bile kite cakap nak air ke? baru die sebut air.now he is 20 months.

    tapi like munirah..saya pon takdela risau sangat..sebab ade my cousin,sampai umur 3 tahun baru bercakap..pastu bila dah dapat mulut..nonstop bercakap plak tu hahaha

  4. Hanim Says:

    Hi Farah,

    Just wanted to be on the safe side, plus it's interesting to work with a speech therapist. Some alhamdulillah cakap ok by 3-4. Tapi since budak kecik ni sorang2 je kat rumah, takut lagi lambat development.

    Risau if betul la start Std 1 at 6 years old, I don't want her to be disadvantaged. Tapi mmg ada gaya akan bercakap non stop haha

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