(not) cooking during Ramadhan

I've only managed to come up with:
*mee bandung Muor
*stir fried sawi bunga kuning
*sambal tumis petai with ikan bilis
*seafood carbonara

Not param food either. Weekends we're at my mom's (that's an original Mom's Place, I tell u hehe). Weekdays are catered food from local mosque.

I'm kinda stuck as the lilttle toddler is into bread with butter/ vegetable spread and cereal. Now there aren't many things to do with it since she likes it plain. She likes eating powdered milk (I suspect Mr. Daddy ate Milo powder when he was her age). She wants fried chicken and pizza once a week or fortnight. 

Please, no repetition of white rice- unless it's at Wan's house. 


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