developmental paediatrician

So far I've only been recommended to Dr. Malinee (Pantai Hospital, KL) or Dr. Sofia (Sime Darby Medical Centre).
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  1. suryati Says:

    is it for your study? or???

  2. Asmahani.A @ AA Says:

    i ve been told that dr malinee is very good but very busy. hmmm... is it for your study? masa sarah kena seizure, 3 kali haritu, i dok cari paeds neurologist juga. 3 nama yang highly recommended, dr malinee , prof ong of hukm and dr Ng of Gleneagles.

  3. Hanim Says:

    @Suryaat... Arianna ni needs evaluation for her delayed speech. She's not talking much.

    @Asma... boleh je dpt her appt. I even got it on a Saturday. Next appointment is 6 months time. Others i tak kenal, my prev paeds only told me about her and Dr. Sofia. I think that's because they're better in assessing developmental delay.

  4. suryati Says:

    well, i'm looking for one as well because at 23mths Micah takde satu perkataan pun. In terms of understanding, he can understand well, but we don't understand him. Btw, if you dun mind, how much the consultation fee and how the session goes about?

  5. Hanim Says:

    @Suryati... initial consultation is one hour. Follow up is half to an hour. Initial was RM300+. Follow up Rm200> I think. Dunno if we can claim for this.

    U sure ada coverage from MAS kan? It's just special paeds... should cover. Kitorg on pay&claim basis now (DH la). Email me at drhanim at gmail dot com.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    @suryati: do u met dr sofiya n how dev of ur doter micah?im also want to meet dr sofiya as recommended by my pead as my son stil no word at the age of 2yrs 6mths. So if u hv met her can u story a little bit..klu lg details much better abt d doctor sessions n ur doter dev now?tqvm

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