busy month

May was all about exams, travelling, exams, results, meet ups after 2 weeks of study leave in April. Arianna was wide awake for the mid morning flight. She was ok, despite not BF anymore (trick to keep them occupied, no?). she was enjoying the sky, the clouds, but got bored soon after.

It was tiring, because of DH's work, we returned the next night. It was such a rush, with exam timetable's all reshuffled, running off schedule... and we barely had time to pack and check out. But we managed to catch dinner at the airport. We tried Firefly, thinking that it'll be closer as it lands in Subang. But that was a bad decision. Propeller type aircraft: noisy, flies low... urgh the pressure hurt her ears during take off and landing. I hate to see her miserable. But at least she could see the aircraft and some helis up close while walking into the terminal. I guess it's MAS or AirAsia for now.


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