baby bag
We were looking for this years ago, and now only they have it? At least last year I know they still don't carry it in the KLCC boutique. And the saleswoman looked baffled when we asked for a baby bag *duh*.


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  1. 彥鈺 Says:


  2. fizamior Says:

    hanim... mak aii...lamanya..setahun tu nak masuk sini... tempat lain ade kot..

  3. Hanim Says:

    i baru nampak kat taktau ada kat boutique sini :)

  4. アリアナ Says:

    tapi I right clik tgk property gamba ni.. gamba ni dari website yg jual fake coach...

    tapi beg ni looks original.. that website also sometimes uses pics of original coach....

    baby bags ade a few patterns. usd300+ kat US if not mistaken

  5. nadnye Says:

    cun seh dah tak macam baby bag...

  6. Hanim Says:

    @Nadnye.... hehe macam LV baby bag gak la :)

    @Elle... memula tgk, pastu takleh nak right click save pi google carik gmbr somewhere else. That sateen sooooo matches my current school bag.. exact same colour plak tu. Only no new baby to justify this bag :p

  7. Anonymous Says:

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  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. Adzimi Muzni Says:

    What is a baby bag? Any special feature versus a normal bag? Maybe could get one for my wife kalau worth it.

  10. Hanim Says:

    Adzimi.. no lah just a diaper bag coz it has many compartment, and thant pink thingy is probably a changing pad :p

    But of course it doesn't have to be a baby bag all the time.. it's mommy's big handbag too :)

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