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I think I first mentioned about speech therapy back in July. Signs have been there, but when 2 year-old speech milestone was again not achieved, which at the same time hampering my efforts to potty train, we were referred to a developmental paediatrician.

I was given a list of speech therapist/ centre. Most operate only during office hours, and charge for first consultation... hmm kind of a rip off because I only wanted to check out the place and see if the aura is okay with my baby. PPUKM (we are still fond of by the name of HUKM) would be a good place too, as recommended by my fellow paediatrics lecturer... but I'm sorry, I hate the waiting time, I hate to queue, I hate driving so far. Plus DH has medical benefits :p. So I googled and found Shine from a humble blogger mom.

I only brought Sofea here, and since she took to the speech therapist almost immediately, I made further appointments with her. I trusted my instincts :)

  • first consultation can be done on alternate Saturdays
  • they did not charge for the firstconsultation
  • therapies during office hours (9-5)
  • they allowed me to replace therapy session that I missed
  • it costs RM120 per session. Therapy is once a week
  • you can reschedule if unforeseen circumstances arises (provided you call in earlier)

We started, and we stopped :( When we started, I had my FIL to bring her, and I meet them there. Then he went to UK, and got admitted to IJN, and then recuperating (no driving), after which- again readmitted. And I had no more leave to spare (putting aside for my exams). Felt like a bad mom *crying softly*.

People may not appreciate the speech therapy... true Sofea doesn't seem to talk much during therapy despite much coaxing, guidance, prompts (feel free to add more adjectives here). She's just like a sponge, she learns... and she practises with mommy dearest at home. I think she has some confidence issues. I realise that now.

  • she speaks softly, almost to a whisper
  • she knows her ABC, but it tooks her 6 months later to repeat it at school
  • only when she has fully memorised a song, that she'll scream it out loud
  • she refuse to speak much with daddy, but babbles with mommy lots
  • if you ask her to repeat what she 'pelat'ly said... she cries in exasperation

Ok, my oncall period is almost over. I think I should get back to sleep and enjoy my weekend. Will blog more later.


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  1. suryati Says:

    micah at the age of 2&1/2 YO still belom cakap, but when refer to his paed (yg oso look after my nephew before) cakap to wait till 3YO (coz my nephew oso only started to talk at the age of 3YO)

    do keep writing doc about this.... really wanna know more about it

  2. Hanim Says:

    @Suryati.. will do. Coz I have to keep track... blogging is my way to do it :)

  3. SOHO Mama Says:

    Tomorrow is Zuleyka's 3rd session with the speech therapist at HUKM. Like Sofea, she doesn't respond well during therapy. Dia lagi sibuk nak mencari toys yg kat belakang therapist or kat tempat duduk dia. But, again, like Sofea, she babbles a lot at home and has learned a few new words..and she can respond to 'thank you' with 'yaw wekan'. This is a milestone, finally, a 2-way communication :D

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I have been a daycare provider for 17 years and have seen sooo many speech issues. I would like to share with you an awesome tool I found called speechtails.com. I've been using it her with my children and have had huge success with it. I love it as a compliment to their speech appointments. It gives me structured exercises to use with them so I know I am doing the right thing!!! Good Luck - sounds like you are a great mom who takes the time to work with her child. So many have such little time with their peeps and they don't take the time to make the difference! Good Job!
    Vikki B, Indiana

  5. Hanim Says:

    Thanks Millie.. but I think the push form ST made her realise that she needs to speak :)

    Thank you Vikki for the link. Will check it out soon. At the moment I'm using books, materials that I have to coach her. But I know soon she needs more material to work with.

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